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Chapter 17 & 18 Study Guide - PC__MAC

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Chapter 17 & 18 Study Guide
Chapter 17
What is the difference between electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic waves?WAVES CARRY RADIATION (ENERGY)EM waves can behave in two ways. What is the difference?WAVE- FLOW; PARTICLES- PHOTONSWhat is the EM spectrum?ARRANGEMENT OF WAVESHow are the waves arranged?LEAST TO GREATEST ENERGYWhat are the different EM waves that make it up?R, M, I, VL, UV, X, G
Chapter 18
What are 3 types of materials?TL, TP, OWhat are primary colors of light?R, G, BSecondary?C, M, YWhat are primary colors of pigments?C, M, YSecondary?R, G, BWhen primary colors of light combine in equal amounts what is produced?WHITE LIGHTFor pigments?BLACK PIGMENTWhat are 3 types of mirrors?CV, CC, P
What is the difference between reflection and refraction?BOUNCES/ BENDSWhen light enters a new medium what happens?CHANGES SPEEDHow are rainbows formed?RAINDROPS ACT LIKE PRISMSWhat cause a mirage?REFRACTIONWhat are 2 types of lenses and how are they different?CC/ CURVES IN; CV/ CURVES OUTWhat are the parts of the human eye and their functions?C, P, I, L, R, ONWhat is nearsightedness?CAN SEE CLOSEWhat lens corrects it?CCWhat is farsightedness?CAN SEEFARWhatlens corrects it?CVWhat is a telescope?OPTICAL INSTRUMENTIts use?SEE DISTANT OBJECTSWhat is a microscope?OPTICAL INSTRUMENTIts use?SEE SMALL OBJECTSBe able to ID convex/concave mirrors and convex/concave lenses from a diagram.
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Chapter 17 & 18 Study Guide - PC__MAC