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Mr. Maxwell’s Procedures and CHAMPS - PC__MAC

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Mr. Maxwell’s Proceduresand CHAMPS
Get out a sheet of paper.You will take NOTES. Label this 8C Procedures.This could be a grade, so make sure you are actually working!
Entering the building/room
How should you enter the building?Describe why it’s important to enter each class quietly without touching others.Why would it be important to check the board for the Agenda?DO NOT WAIT TO BEGIN YOUR STARTER. Do it right away.
If needed, when should pencils be sharpened?If your pencil should break accidentally during teacher directed instruction, you ________________ and I will __________, which gives you permission to sharpen your pencil without ever saying a word.
I have a question for you…
Show me the appropriate way to raise your hand.Listtwo reasons to raise your hand:1. Aska question2. Givean on-topic statement
It’s Potty Time
Quietly raise your agenda if you must go to the bathroom.You receive six passes in my class each nine weeks.Try to save your passes for TRUE EMERGENCIES and go to the bathroom in between classes.NOTE: I will not be as understanding as I have been about this.
When a school-wide announcement is made:1. Stop what you are doing or saying2. Listen carefully3. Hold any questions until the end of the announcement.4. At the end of the day, the announcements do not signify the end of class. You should continue to work, SILENTLY, while announcement is made.
1. Walk quietly into class and sit down.2. Place your pass on the corner of your desk or table for the teacher to pick up.3. If you do not have a pass, sit down quietly and start working.4. If another student makes a comment like: “You’re late!”, “SOMEONE IS LATE!”, Etc. they will receive their first official warning.
Composition Notebook (200 sheets)BinderDividersColored Pencils
CHAMPS: What is it?
A CHAMP is an acronym, or a word formed from the first letters of other words.Champsare a simple way to spell out our procedures, or norms.Whenwe all follow procedures, the day runs more smoothly and we can all focus on the objective to be learned.
CHAMP stands for ….ConversationHelpActivityMovementParticipation
Beginning Class
Conversation:No one should be talking after the bell rings.Help: Raise hand, wait forresponse.Activity:Working on the starter or whatever is written on the board.Movement:Getting out all the materials for class, putting away your backpack UNDER your desk. Not beside. No one out of their seat without permission.Participation: Every one is ready and working on their starter
Independent Work
What does the word independent mean?Conversation- noneHelp- first consult your book or notes, second ask teacher, third, if teacher is busy, move on to the next problem and continue workingActivity- work quietly until assignment is done, or finish for homeworkMovement- Students may move about only when permission is granted by the teacher. As long as no one is at the pencil sharpener, you may use it quietly.Participation- Students are busy and quietly working on assignment without disturbing others.
Brain Break: Lost!
On a sheet of paper, name one item you’d like to take with you on atrip. Each person brought one thing with them – something they really enjoy. It can be anything!The situation is dire! Following a shipwreck, everyone has been stranded on a deserted island. One person record each person’s item!Now, at your table – you have to find a way to survive and get to safety. Discuss as a group how you can combine your items to find a way to survive long-term.
Teacher Instruction
Conversation: Only when given permission byteacher. No blurting out.Help: Raise hand, wait for responseActivity: actively listening andlearning.Movement: None.Participation: All students are actively listening while seated and following teacher’s instructions
Cooperative Learning
Conversation- Quietly work with your group only. Being rowdy will result in the lack of opportunities to work in a group.Help- First, try our classroom resources to find the answer with your other group members. If you still need help, ask the teacher.Activity- Students must work at their job to complete the assignmentMovement- Only move if the assignment requires you, or if the teacher gives you permissionParticipation- Each group member has a particular job. Students are actively working together, giving equal shares of participation to arrive at a solution to the task. Why?
Maxwell’s Warning System
You get at least TWO warnings in my class before we have to move onto the consequence menu.These warnings can be either verbal or on a card.If you receive a cardDO NOT TOUCH IT. Leave it right where I put it. If it falls, raise your hand and I will get it. If you do touch it,no more warnings.If I flip the card over to “2” then you are on the second warning. If I take the card away then know that you are on the consequence menu.What is code zero?
Common Sense
If you get in trouble, why is it a good idea NOT to talk back to the teacher?If the teacher asks you to do something, why should you not delay?Is it disrespectful to simply do whatever it is you want?Why?We all have bad days, but why is important not to let it affect your behavior?Mr. Maxwell’s DO-NOTS: 1)Do not say something back to me once you get in trouble. If you can’t say “Yes sir,” don’t say anything. 2) Do not start laughing when you are in trouble.
Consequence Menu
*Note: At any time, I can skip one or all of these steps depending on the severity of the behavior.Consequence Menu:1. Penalty Box2. Penalty Box, Team Conference3. Penalty Box, Building ISS, Parent Letter4. Penalty Box, Meeting with Administrator5. Office Referral, Parent Contact
Starter activities will completed every day and will be done at thebeginningof class.You mustcopythe starter activity questions from the board andlook upthe answers in the textbook.You mustmake-upstarter activities missed when absent!You will do starters on the same piece of paper all week and turn in one page onFridays. This assignment counts for a grade every week!Starters will becheckedeach day. By the end of the week, you should have an easy 100!
Make-Up Work
Make-Up work will be available on my class website! Any time you are absent you will go to the back of the room and get on the computer.Let’s walk through it.Turn in make up work into correct box!I am not responsible for your make-up work. Your momma, daddy, grandma, grandpa, uncle, aunt, brother, sister, dog, bobcat are not responsible for your make up work. YOU ARE. YOU. Take care of it.
No Name Graveyard
If there is no name on your paper, you can find it inthe no name graveyard.
Supplies and Textbooks
You need all supplies listed on the general school supply list.Keep all social studies work in yourbinderor a separatefolderjust for this class.You also need a composition notebook (100 sheets) that will remain in the classroom.Bring your binder, paper, pencils with erasers, and colored pencilsdaily!Textbooks will not be issued, but can becheckedoutat any time.
Binder Checks
Will occur at the end of every nine weeks. It is a very easy 100, if you have everything that needs to be there!All notes, starters, etc.





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Mr. Maxwell’s Procedures and CHAMPS - PC__MAC