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MTCN 3-13-19

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Meet the Coaches Night
March 13, 2019
Introduction of coachesFormReLeafLeagueMinderScheduling PlatformPhilosophyCutsCommunicationHarassment, Hazing & BullyingConcussionsSubstance Use PolicyAttendance & Obligations
Baseball-Varsity: Tim AlbertsonBaseball-JV: MattMeunierLacrosse-Boys-Varsity: Dave TrevithickLacrosse-Boys-Asst: Phil LassalleLacrosse-Boys-JV: Ryan PalmerLacrosse-Boys-JVB: TBD
Lacrosse-Girls-Varsity: Tucker PiersonLacrosse-Girls-JV: KellySpreenLacrosse-Girls-JVB: Greg ConkSoftball-Varsity: Mike SullivanSoftball-JV: DanaPoulsen& Monica Carter
Tennis-Girls: Amy deGrootTennis-Boys: Frank BabbottTrack-CO-Head: JessLaPlante& King MilneTrack-Asst: Cory CoffeyTrack-Asst:Scott BlissTrack-Asst: My Mai
Ultimate WILL beVarsity in 2019: 1stState:Ultimate-Boys-Head: Syrus AmedoreUltimate-Boys-JV: Mike FifeUltimate-Girls-Head: MayaWaehrerUltimate-Girls-Asst: Allison YumCertified Athletic Trainer: Tony LoraCertified Athletic Trainer: Jeremy Norman
Form ReLeaf
On-line registration for ALL studentsSHOULD be all setFulfills Health Office requirementOnly PAPER required is physicalCurrent/good for TWO yearsInformation will carry over for NEXT yearEDIT as needed (minimum is GRADE)Parents WILL receive confirmation IF registration iscomplete
DONOTregister your child again IF they’re NOT currently registeredCreates a 2ndregistrationMORE work…CALL or E-Mail Debbie (front office) OR me with permission to participate…WE’LL DO IT
League Minder-Scheduler
Statewide UseGo to Athletic Website for accessOnce at team’s scheduleHit “print”…display dismissal &depttimesCaution…dates/times DO changeClick on “event”…same thing for that eventONLY calendar that is “guaranteed” to be right ;-)
CO-curriculars…Educational ActivitiesNOT “extra-curricular”Coaches are teachers…extension of classroomVarsityWinning DOES matterSportsmanship #1…ModelingNO guarantee of playing time or equal timeSub-varsityPlayer development #1Winning is secondary
Some programs DO “cut” players“Cut” means NO uniformBeing on JV-A and not V is NOT a “cut”JV and JV-B…player developmentNormally 9th& 10thgraders11thgraders only for sustaining programNot all have sub-varsity e.g. trackALL grades eligible for varsityCoaches’ decision…NOT mine
1stcommunication: ALWAYS “player to coach”Usually it’s about “playing time,” “team placement,” or “cuts”Coach WILL provide specifics on:Why cut/placed on team?What to do to increase playing timeAppropriate time and place for that conversationSelf-advocacy…Life SkillI will NOT be involved in this conversation
What will I get involved in?Player safety concernsPlayer treatment concernsIncludes harassment, hazing & bullying
ILLEGAL by LAWBehavior directed toward “9 protected categories”e.g. race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identify, gender, etc.EVERYONE’s responsibility to report it if you see it or hear itReport it to ME
ILLEGAL by LAWRequiring “new” members to do “something” in order to “be part of the team”Potentially dangerous and always harmfulUVM & MiltonEVERYONE’s responsibility to report if you see it or hear about itReport it to ME
ILLEGAL by LAWStudent-to-student“Repeated over time”Embarrass, humiliate, intimidate, demeanHow the “victim feels” NOT how the perpetrator “meant it”EVERYONE’s responsibility to report if you see it or hear about itReport it to ME
Athletes: ???s to ask yourself
If this appeared in the paper, am I OK?Is this legal?Is this dangerous?Would “Mimi/papa” be upset?IF YES to any of those…NOT OK
Concussion Protocol
Brain INJURY…can be “life threatening”ATC (certified trainer)At all home lacrosse games (law)At all home games (on site) for other sportsALL coaches & officials are trainedReturn to play (RTP) protocol (Tony/Jeremy)Return to school/learn protocol (504)
Substance Use Policy
In-season athletes…24/71stviolation (use/possession/under influence)EvaluationSuspended for 20% of games e.g. BB/Lax = 3May still practice, travel, [email protected] Party: Leave = OK…Stay = 1 gameVaping/Juuling: NEW: 1 game if in possession2ndviolation in “school” yearDONE with co-curriculars for year3rdviolation in CAREER…school board
Attendance Procedures
MUST be in school for ALL required activities in order to practice/play that day… “warning(s)” per teamWhat’s ok?Dr.Appt, DMV, College Visit, etc.What’s NOT ok?Sleeping inLate to schoolFelt sick, but now ok
Players must “clear” obligationsbeforeplaying in any games.Library AND “other”Library only tells student what s/he owesOther: books, uniforms, parking fines,etc
Only FOUR of them…Do ONE wellCoachPlayerOfficialParent24-hr ruleChanging the Game Project“I Love to Watch You Play”
What Questions do you have for Me?
Final Thoughts-Adversity & Perspective
Will happen this seasonCut, injured, “tough call,” lossesEasy to be winnerLearn more from losing/adversity
Just a HS game!Coaches, players & officials doing their bestWant to criticize official…Become one!Somebody HAS to loseCVU/LI-2000Big PictureJuly 2005-DSDec 2014-KRApr 2015-JM & RT
Twitter…follow me/us…
Thanks…Good luck to all!
Track: Stay hereSoftball: 102 (Snelling)Girls Lacrosse: 206/204 (Fairbanks)Boys Tennis: 115Ultimate Frisbee: CafeBaseball: 106/104 (Snelling)Boys Lacrosse: NOT MeetingGirls Tennis: NOT meeting (105/107 available)
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MTCN 3-13-19