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Church History, Sixth century - St. Mary, Ottawa

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Church History, Sixth century
Saint Severus, Patriarch of Antioch,What is after Chalcedon
Saint Severus, Patriarch of Antioch
Short Biography:+ Born ca. 459 AD inSozopolis,Pisidia, Asia Minor+ His paternal grandfather’s name was also Severus and was the Bishop ofSozopolis(he attended the council of Ephesus in 431AD).+ He was a strict ascetic+ Consecrated Patriarch in Antioch in 512AD.+ Died inSakha, Egypt in 538AD.
Saint Severus, Patriarch of Antioch
God’s Purpose in St. Severus’ Life:+Studied in Alexandria (grammar and philosophy in both Greek and Latin). Introduced to and fell in love with the writings of Sts. Basil the Great and Gregory of Nazianzus.+ Studied in Beirut (School of Roman Jurisprudence).+ Became monk in Palestine and ordained priest by Bishop Epiphanius.+ As Patriarch never deviated from asceticism.+ Exchanged with Egyptian Popes letters declaring the true Orthodox faith.+ Fled to Egypt from Chalcedonian Emperors and stayed from 518-538 (went to Constantinople from 534-536 to discuss church unity with Emperor Justinian).
Saint Severus, Patriarch of Antioch
St. Severus’ Achievements:+ Hailed as the champion of the orthodox faith against the corruptions ofNestorianism.+Succesfulin his great aim of uniting the Non-Chalcedoniansinto one body.+ He was a copious writer.+ The Coptic Church mentions him in the Commemoration of Saints and the Absolution directly after St. Mark.
Saint Severus, Patriarch of Antioch
Main Events during 6thcentury including St. Severus’:+After Chalcedon many attempts for unity betweenChalcedoniansand Non-Chalcedonians.+ Fluctuating Fortunes of the Copts under the Eastern Emperors.+ Pope Timothy III (32ndPope of Alexandria), Queen Theodora, St. Severus.+ Pope Theodosius I, 536-567, (33d. Pope of Alexandria, Last to serve as Patriarch of Copts & Greeks).





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Church History, Sixth century - St. Mary, Ottawa