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My Sister and Adoption - Longwood Blogs

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Domestic Adoption
Human Growth and DevelopmentInquiry Based ProjectBrady Knight
The Child in Question
Mia Hayley KnightD.O.B : October 3, 2006Joined Family on October 6, 2006Adoption Finalized on January 21, 2007Biological ParentsMom - JessicaDad - Unknown
Why Adoption
My Family and AdoptionImmediateExtendedOver 50,000 domestic adoptions per yearDecrease of foster children over past decadeOne Million Families have adopted children
1) How does a child cope when interacting with both Biological Family and Adoptive Family?2) How does Adoption affect the Topical Areas of Development?3) How does these conditions affect life later on?4) How does Mia’s Bioecological Model compare to my own?
Biological vs. Adoptive
BackgroundWhy was Mia was put up for adoption?What about her Adoptive Family?What about her Biological Family?Legally, her Biological Family has no right to see and/or have any communication with her.Spends time with Biological family for Birthday/Holidays.“Superiority” / “One Up-ing” complex
The Four Topical Areas
Physical DevelopmentStill Develops the SameDetermined by Genes of Biological ParentsSocial DevelopmentTrouble making FriendsBullyingSocial InteractionsCognitive DevelopmentHome EnvironmentEducational SystemParenting StylesPersonality DevelopmentProudIndependentCreative
The Effects Later in Life
Psychological EffectsGriefSelf-esteemIdentityGuiltThe only effects Mia shows are Self-esteem and Identity issues.
Bioecological Model
Urie BronfenbrennerContextual PerspectiveSystemsMicro- Family and PeersMeso– ConnectionsExo – Local Gov’t and CommunityMacro – Ethnicity and CultureChrono – Time and Historical
Not every adopted child will face psychological problems throughout his/her childhood.Although my family has done everything for her she still shows signs of the previously mentioned effects.Our Bioecological models are very similar with only a few major instances surrounding herBiological Family.
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My Sister and Adoption - Longwood Blogs