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INTRODUCING - Brigham Young University–Idaho

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will provide:
A consistent, robust web-based payment and deposit processing systemPCI compliant payment processing and storing of cardholder/bank account dataA secure system for accepting cash, check, credit card, or I-Cards as a payment tender typeStreamlined and better controlled cash handling processes, providing greater functionality
tools available for Departments:
Cashiering SystemRemote cashieringDepartmental depositse-Market SystemStorefront (online shopping cart functionality)Checkout (e-Commerce payment processing)Enhanced Reporting“Canned” reportsFunctionality for creating and saving specialized reports
tools available for Students:
e-Bill SystemConsolidated billing prior to semester or sessione-Payment SystemAutomated payment processingThird-party payment accesse-Refund SystemAutomated refunding of credit balancesPayment Plan SystemDeferred payment option to avoid class drop
implementation plan:
Phase IUniversity Tickets gateway checkout, Cashiering, 2 other e-Market sites for trainingPhase IIe-Market sites for locations currently accepting credit cardsPhase IIICashiering or e-Market sites for locations currently accepting cashPhase IVCashiering or e-Market sites for other locationsCurrently charging student/employee accountsRequests to accept payments
implementation requirements:
Bursar’s Office approvalWork with the Department to identify best solutionTraining
changes coming:
Tuition Policy changesCharges billed 10 days prior to start of semester/sessionTuition due on First Day of ClassesDrop classes for non-payment in fullLimited charges to student/employee personal accountsEffort to become more compliant with convenience fee program rulesReduction in collectionsChanges in business practices for cashieringEffort to comply with PCI-DSS and convenience fee program rules





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INTRODUCING - Brigham Young University–Idaho