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Attending a High School Awards Program -

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HighSchool AwardsProgram Training
Please see read through this guide tolearn about presenting scholarships at high school awards programs!
What is a high school awards program?
HighSchool AwardsPrograms arehosted byindividual high schools, and the purpose is to recognize scholarship recipients.These events are scheduled at various times; morning, noon, night, but typically occur Monday-Friday in the months ofApril and May.Auburn University attempts to have a representative/volunteer at all high school programs that we are invited to in the state of Alabama.
What do I do?
Alumnus will be asked to attend an Awards Program in the event that a representative from the AdmissionsOfficecan notattend.The alumnus willattend the awards program as theAuburn Universityrepresentativeand present theaward(s)to the deserving students who have received a freshman, general,and/ordepartmentalscholarship.
How do I get the scholarships, and how do I know what to say?
We will send the scholarship certificates to the school that is hosting the awardsprogram and theywill pass them on to you the day of the ceremony.You will be provided a script for thepresentation of scholarships.Each student’s name is printed on his/her certificate along with the name of the scholarship being awarded.As you present the scholarships, please shake the recipient’s hand and congratulate them.
Thank you and War Eagle!
For any additional questions aboutvolunteering for awards programs, pleasefeel free tocontact:Candice BrooksAdmissions Advisor and FANS [email protected]





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Attending a High School Awards Program -