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EAP Manual Jeopardy -

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EAP Policy & Manual Jeopardy
Fall Training July 25-26, 2019
A16 $200
Assurance 16 cannot have ___________ costs.Answer
What areALLOCATED/ADMINISTRATIVEcosts?(pg. 84)Back to home
A16 $400
This activity is an acceptable use of A16 funding when an EAP staff member communicates with a client’s utility vendor on behalf of the client.Answer
What isADVOCACY?(pg. 84)Back to home
A16 $600
Name 3 unallowable A16 activities and how they should be expensed instead.Answer
What are:Officespace, desks, equipment, supplies.Non-LIHEAP staff referring clients to LIHEAP, etc.Outreach such as informing potential clients about the EnergyAssistance ProgramThese are admin costs!(pg. 84)Back to home
A16 $800
Bob Client comes to Agency A to apply for EAP. Mr. Client spends 30 minutes talking through his application and meticulously provides all the necessary documentation so staff are able to determine Mr. Client’s eligibility very easily and quickly. Staff assisting Mr. Client spend 30 minutes discussing other needs he has and after talking through some next steps to help potentially lower his bills so Mr. Client is able to start saving money to move, he is given an energy kit to take home. Staff expense 60 minutes to Admin. What’s wrong?Answer
What isThe needs assessment should be billed as A16?(pg. 84)Back to home
A16 $1000
Client A calls her Agency Z to apply to EAP on May 1. Client A is told that she cannot apply because they have no funding available. Agency Z is not complying with this Assurance.Answer
What isAssurance 8?(pg. 31)Back to home
General Policy $200
If a client’saccount is closed and they received a pledge or benefit prior to the account closing, the benefit CAN or CANNOT be applied?Answer
What isCAN?(pg. 77-78)Back to home
General Policy $400
These people should process confidential applications.Answer
General Policy $600
Is jury duty an allowable cost?Answer
WhatisYES, the proportion of time that the staff member would’ve been working in EAP can be billed for jury duty. There should also be a documented payroll policy of compensation for jury duty?(CFR 45 §75.431   Compensation—fringe benefits)Back to home
General Policy $800
Holly Heater keeps her house warm with electric. She is eligible for up to ______ in crisis dollars.Answer
Whatis$400 ($200 for base electric, $200 for electric portion that provides heating fuel)?(pg. 51,58)Back to home
General Policy $1000
Drastic loss includes (but is not limited to) what 3 situations?Answer
What isplant or business closing, company downsizing, or lost employment income due to a medical condition that prohibitsemployment?(pg. 50)Back to home
Crisis $200
A life-threatening crisis must be alleviated within this many hours and name at least 2 criteria to be considered a life-threatening crisis situation.Answer
What is18 hours?What isat risk client, thereis a documented medical need with an extreme safety concern, or there is a need for a propane tank safetyinspection ANDheating and/or electric is currently shut off or disconnected, or the household’s bulk fuel heating source is completely out offuel?(page 11)Backto home
Crisis $400
Katie Crisis calls your agency on May 22. She received the regular benefit earlier in the season. Katie Crisis now is due for disconnect and needs help paying the $600. Can your agency apply crisis funding for Miss Crisis?Answer
What isyes, as long as Katie Crisis can cover the $400 difference between the owed amount and the crisis benefit?(pg52)Back to home
Crisis $600
To mitigate a crisis aside from providing funding and direct assistance, you can________________.Answer
What isprovide a list of resources?(Pg11)Back to home
Crisis $800
It is March 1. Vinnie Vendor is refusing EAP benefit for Cody Crisis who was deemed eligible for benefits. Cody Crisis is due for disconnection on March 8 because of a past due bill. Can Vinnie Vendor shut off Cody’s utilities and not accept EAP?Answer
What isno, Vinnie Vendor cannot shut off Cody until after March 15, but he has the right to refuse EAP benefit at any time?(page 14-15)Back to home
Crisis $1000
Sammy Shutoff has a disconnect notice, and the disconnect amount is $250 more than his total maximum benefit. Sammy tells you that he plans to pay the difference by getting on a payment plan if you can pledge the maximum benefit. It is okay to offer crisis in conjunction with a payment plan, as long as _______________________.Answer
Eligibility $200
Name the at-risk categories,as defined by IHCDA.Answer
What are:elderly (60 or older)DisabledChild 5 or youngerVeteran statusDON’T FORGET: Only ONE is needed to qualify, but if more apply, all should be recorded!(pg19)Back to home
Eligibility $400
Casey Client applied and received an EAP benefit last year as a zero income claimant. Casey Client returns this year and wants to recertify. Casey Client CAN/CANNOT be eligible for recertification.Answer
What isCANNOT?(pg21)Back to home
Eligibility $600
Client A applied for EAP in November. Client A moves in with their significant other, Client B, in March and Client B applies for benefits. Client A should be marked as ___________ and their income should be _____________.Answer
What isineligible and counted?(pg23)Back to home
Eligibility $800
SusieSavesalot’smain heating source is firewood. She calls your agency in crisis. You may_______________ to address the crisis.Answer
What iscut a check internally so the client doesn’t have to wait for the usual transmittal and payment process as long as there is a procedure in place for these situations to ensure that the file undergoes internal QA prior to the payout of the benefit?(pg28)Back to home
Eligibility $1000
When calculating self-employment income,subgranteeswill consider_________ and ___________ for the purposes of determining eligibility and no longer use _________.Answer
What isgross income and profits before allowable business expenses and other adjustments are appliedandadjusted gross income?(pg. 38)Back to home
ERR/ES $200
Only these people are eligible for Emergency Repair and Replace.Answer
Who areAT-RISKHOMEOWNERS?(pg62)Back to home
ERR/ES $400
Ellen Emergency calls in to your agency and reports that she has a disconnect bill of $800. You find out that she has not paid on her account for several months. Does she qualify for Emergency Services?Answer
What isNO, a large disconnect bill due to continued nonpayment does not constitute qualification for ES.(pg62)Back to home
ERR/ES $600
Freddie Frozen is a 55 year old, who marked himself disabled, however he did not provide any documentation for this. Additionally he did complete an IncomeAffadavit. Can Freddie Frozen get ERR to fix his broken furnace?Answer
What isNO?(pg62)Back to home
ERR/ES $800
Clients who are homeowners can get up to $5000 for repair and replacement of their heating sources. What are the two options your agency has for administering this benefit?Answer
Whatiscap of $5000 or average benefit for households at $5000?(pg62)Back to home
ERR/ES $1000
Identify all documentation needed for an ERR claim.Answer
What areproof of homeownership, an invoice from the repair or replacement, client consent form, and assessments?(pg65)Back to home
Numbers ‘n stuff $200
This percentage of files must beQA’edby each agency. However, 100% of files that are one of these two things must beQA’ed.Answer
What is10%, direct pay or any household member with relation to a staff member, board member, or subcontractor?(pg73)Back to home
Numbers ‘n stuff $400
Stacy Staff determined Bob Client is eligible for a benefit on December 3. By what day should Mr. Client’s documents be available in the statewide database?Answer
What iswithin 45 days so by January 17, but with every effort to be done sooner to help maintain required QA percentage?(pg30)Back to home
Numbers ‘n stuff $600
Molly Missing did not provide all the appropriate documentation at the time of application. Her application is considered incomplete. She must submit a new application if it has been more than ____ calendar days and her application is still incomplete.Answer
What is55 days?(pg34)Back to home
Numbers ‘n stuff $800
If the client has a credit balance on the unregulated utilities in excess of _______ at the time of application, the utility is not eligible for assistance until the credit balance is below this number.Answer
What is$750?(pg61)Back to home
Numbers ‘n stuff $1000
The number 10 is used multiple times in the EAP Manual. List at least 3 uses of the number 10.Answer
What are10%QA’edfiles, 10% of budget to ERR/ES, 10 calendar days to process face to face applications, to notify of incomplete denial, 10 days for appeals, prepaid electric household considered in crisis if within 10 days of running out of funds on their account, biofuel in crisis if within 10 days of running out of current supply of heating fuel, eligibility for ERR once every 10 years at same address, all EAP claims are to be remitted to vendors via transmittals within 10 business days from approval date?(multiple locations)Back to home





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EAP Manual Jeopardy -