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Being More Than a Bystander - University of Pennsylvania

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Being More Than a Bystander
Who is the idiot in your chapter and how do you change his/her actions?
Every group has someone who does not always make healthy or smart decisions.How do you go about reacting to those unhealthy or dangerous decisions?
One Strategy….
Sexual assaultHazingEating disordersHomophobiaRacismDrug and alcohol abuseSexism
This isn’t about risk management, it’s about doing the right thing.
Bystander Effect
A social phenomenon in which individuals are less likely to offer help in an emergency situation when other people are presentHow often do we all look around to see how other people are reacting to a situation?
“The times we've seen someone harassed on the street and didn't intervene; when we've driven past a car stranded by the side of the road, assuming another driver would pull over to help; even when we've noticed litter on the sidewalk and left it for someone else to pick up. We witness a problem, consider some kind of positive action, then respond by doing... nothing. Something holds us back. We remain bystanders.”- We Are All Bystanders, Greater Good magazine, retrieved on 7/22/09
Being a Bystander
The best way of stopping the bystander effect is to be aware of it.
But do we all think about this?
Be aware and take action as an individual. Don’t wait for the group, because the group is waiting for you.Make a habit out of taking action.What other methods do you think exist that could prevent the Bystander Effect?
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Being More Than a Bystander - University of Pennsylvania