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Bell work - Dysart High School

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Bell work
We have read Act 1 and 2, so we are half way through the play. Write a brief summary of what has happened inThe Crucibleso far. Then make a prediction of what you think will happen.
State Standard Objectives
I will be able to use a graphic organizer to clarify meaning.I will be able to evaluate the author’s use of literary elements
Explore the key idea of hysteriaIdentify and analyze conventions of dramaRead dramaDraw conclusions about charactersBuild vocabulary for reading and writingUse context clues to help determine word meaningUse appropriate word choice and sentence structure to create realistic dialogueUse writing to analyze literature
Act 2 Reading Check
Complete questions 1 – 9 except 6 on page 175 on your own. No discussion, no checking your answers or your neighbor’s.When you are finished, bring me your paper and pick up the vocabulary worksheet.
Act 2 Summary
As Act Two begins, John and Elizabeth Proctor express concern about the growth of the witchcraft scare. Then they argue: Elizabeth urges her husband to expose Abigail as a fraud, and the tow revisit his affair with her. Mary Warren brings news of further arrests and the possible implication of Elizabeth. Reverend Hale arrives and interviews the couple; and when the marshal arrests Elizabeth, Proctor condemns the desire for vengeance that is driving events, and he vows to save his wife.
Vocabulary Practice
Complete the worksheet without using your notes.Turn it in when you are finished.
Bell work
On a sheet of paper, write down which characters you would like to read (play) and why. Please list at least 3 characters. It does not matter if they are male or female characters.Complete the graphic organizer as we read Act 3.
Types of Characters
Protagonist the central characterAntagonist opposes the protagonist, which gives rise to the central conflict of the playFoil – a minor character who provides a striking contrast to another character
Types of Characters
John Proctor Protagonist___________ Antagonist___________ Foil of protagonist___________ Foil of antagonist
Act 3
Follow along as we listen to Act 3. Be prepared to take over reading if I stop the recording and ask.
Act 3 Reading Check
Complete the Reading check on your own
Act 3 Summary
Proctor brings Mary Warren to the court, where Giles Corey and Francis Nurse also are trying to defend their wives. There, Mary confesses that Abigail and the other girls are frauds. When Abigail accuses Mary of bewitching her, Mary turns from Proctor and rejoins the girls. Proctor admits his infidelity, but Elizabeth denies it to save his reputation. The girls make hysterical accusations against Proctor; when he is arrested, Reverend Hale quits in disgust.





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Bell work - Dysart High School