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IHS Provider Without AK Licenses - May 2013

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Indian Health Service Providers andOut of State Licensure
The federal government approved a change to the United States Code Annotated Title 25. IndiansChapter 18. Indian Health CareSubchapter II. Health Serviceseffective March 23, 2010
“Licensed health professionalsemployedby a tribal health program shall be exempt, if licensed in any State, from the licensing requirements of the State in which the tribal health program performs the services described in the contract or compact of the tribal health program under the Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act (25 U.S.C. 450 et seq.).”
Alaskalaw sections 08.64.170 and08.64.370providesthat all physicians musthavealicense topractice inAlaskaexceptin 5circumstancesone of which is where"aphysician orosteopath, who is not a residentof[Alaska],whois asked by a physician orosteopath licensed inthe statetohelp in thediagnosisor treatmentofa case."
Alaska Statute also allows consultantsto be licensed in another state:
What does this mean for your facility?Direct hire employees of tribal healthprograms do not need to be licensedby the State of Alaska Medical, Dentaland Nursing BoardsLocum Tenens are traditionally hired bya locum company and are not employedby the tribal health program. The federalexception does not apply to them.
In many states physician assistants workunder a collaborative planThe licensing states Practice Act must beconsulted to see if State Laws precludethe physician assistant from using theirlicense in another stateThe Alaska Medical Board requires allphysician assistants practicing in Alaskato have a collaborative plan on file withthem
In many states Advance Nurse Practitionerswork under collaborative agreements andare not licensed independent practitionersAlaska’s Nursing Board allows AdvanceNurse Practitioners to function aslicensedindependent practitionersAn Advance Nurse Practitioner cannot use alicense from a state that requires acollaborative agreement in Alaska
What you should be aware of whenprocessing a provider who is not licensedby the State of AlaskaThe state laws in which the providerholds a license are the laws you mustfollowStates may have special requirements forcontrolled substancesMany states require a second license forcontrolledsubstances
These states do not require acontrolled substance license inaddition to the DEA:
Alaska Maine OregonArizona Minnesota PennsylvaniaArkansas Montana TennesseeCalifornia Nebraska VermontColorado New Hampshire VirginiaFlorida New York WashingtonGeorgia North Carolina West VirginiaKansas North Dakota WisconsinKentucky Ohio
These states do require a 2ndcontrolled substance license inaddition to the DEA:
Alabama Iowa New MexicoConnecticut Louisiana OklahomaDelaware Maryland Puerto Rico*DC Massachusetts Rhode IslandGuam Michigan South CarolinaHawaii Missouri TexasIllinois Nevada UtahIndiana New Jersey Wyoming*Puerto Rico requires 3 licenses
ManyState Dental Boards require additionalpermits and licenses for analgesia & sedation.Some even require inspections before grantingsedation permits:“Itis extremely important that sedation facilityinspectionappointmentsareNOT CANCELLED orrescheduled!”“Pleaseinsure you haveEVERY itemon the checklistatyour office BEFORE you schedule anappointmentandcheck your calendar carefully before you confirmthedate and time with the inspector.”
Texas Dental Anesthesia Permits
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Idaho DentistsGeneral Dentist Application and InstructionsSpecialist Application and InstructionsVolunteer License Application and InstructionsApplication to convert Inactive License to Active StatusIdaho Controlled Substance and DEARegistrationAnesthesia PermitsApplication for Anesthesia PermitPolicy For Moderate Enteral Sedation EvaluationsPolicy For Moderate Parenteral Sedation EvaluationsPolicy For General Anesthesia/Deep Sedation EvaluationsUse of Other Anesthesia Personnel – Rule 62 NotificationProcess

Illinois Applications for PhysiciansPhysician, Licensed PhysicianLimitedTemporary License PhysicianTemporaryLicense Visiting ProfessorVisitingPhysicianPhysician ControlledSubstance
It is not as easy as just ensuring a provideris license in another state and has their ownDEA.It takes a lot of time, work and research toensure your facility is in compliance withanother states laws.There are no shortcutsQuestions





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IHS Provider Without AK Licenses - May 2013