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Essential Oils and Sleep - doTerra

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Essential Oils and Sleep
Using essential oils to promotea good night ofsleep
Sleep Deprivation Can Influence
Our ability to lose weight or maintain a healthy weightEmotions and behaviorsLearning and motivationThe body’s organ systems and overall healthReaction time and ability to drive safely
Need Help Falling Asleep?
Maintain a healthy dietCreate a good sleeping environmentAvoid stimulantsMake sure you have adequate beddingExercise regularlyRemove distractionsRelax the bodyReset your internal clockUse essential oils to create a restful sleeping environment
The Science BehindEssential Oils and Sleep
1.Inhale:Inhaling an essential oil can induce an internal response within the body for relaxation
3.Sleep:This internal response can encourage a restful night of sleep
2.Positive association: After a restful night of sleep, the aroma has now created a positive association within the brain
4.Repeat:Positive association promotes further use of this particular oil as part of a healthy sleeping routine
WhichEssentialOils CanHelpwithSleep?
BergamotCedarwoodChamomileCilantroClary SageFrankincenseLavenderSerenity Blend
MarjoramMelissaPetitgrainRoman ChamomileSandalwoodThymeVetiverYlangYlangdōTERRA Peace®
How toUseEssentialOils toPromoteHealthySleep
DiffusionWarmbath orshowerPillowsandbeddingHeatingpad or neckwrapTopical application and massageTea
Relaxing Diffuser Blends
3dropsSandalwood3dropsVetiver3 drops Lavender2 dropsRoman Chamomile4drops Lavender3dropsBergamot2 dropsPatchouli2dropYlangYlang

Adda few drops of a calming oilto awarm bath beforebedAddessential oils to Epsom salt and pour into a warmbathPlacea few drops of essential oil of choice on the showerfloor (awayfrom the runningwater)Addessential oils to your shampooorconditioner
Warm Bath or Shower
Pillowsand Bedding
Add a few drops of a calming essential oil to a spray bottle and mix with a few ounces of water. Use the spray bottle to spritz the mixture over your pillows and beddingbeforegoing to sleep to create a restful environment.Lavender+CedarwoodBergamot+VetiverSandalwood+YlangYlang
Heating Pad or NeckWrap
Materials Needed:Kitchen towelSewing machine6 cups flaxseed or ricedōTERRA®essential oil(s)Directions:Foldtowel in half long-ways (hot-dog style).Sewaround the edges leaving athree-inch openingat the top.Turnright side out.Looselyfill with flax seeds or rice.Sewopening closed, and you’re done!Touse, microwave for two to three minutes and add two drops of essential oil on the outer fabric.
Topical Application and Massage
Bottoms of the feetNeck and shouldersTemplesWristsMassage:shoulders, arms, back, legs,feet
Warm Teas
Non-caffeinated,non-stimulatoryHerbalteas: chamomile, lavender, honey-lemon
dōTERRA Productsfor Sleep and Relaxation
dōTERRA Diffusers
dōTERRA BalanceGroundingBlend
Promotesa whole-body sense ofrelaxationEvokesfeelings of tranquility andbalanceUse dōTERRA Balance to promote a restful environment by:Addinga few drops to yourdiffuserApplyingtoneckor bottomsof feetUseduring a massage before bed
Maintains feelings of clear airwaysPromotes a restful night’ssleepUse dōTERRA Breathe topromote qualitysleep by:Applying topically to the chest, back, or bottoms of the feetDiffusing at nighttime
Promotesrelaxation and a restful sleepingenvironmentLessensfeelings of tension, calms emotions,soothes sensesUsedōTERRA Serenity Restful Blend tocreate a restful sleepingenvironmentby:Placinga few drops in your essential oildiffuserApplyingto the chest, bottoms of the feet,back oftheneck, orinhale directly from thepalmsAddinga few drops to a warm bath beforebedUsingin conjunction with dōTERRA Serenity®





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Essential Oils and Sleep - doTerra