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Environmental Requirements - USDA Rural Development

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Rural DevelopmentWater and Waste Projects:Environmental Requirements
John Helgren , P.E. – State EnvironmentalCoordinatorMadelineCrowe – Assistant State Environmental Coordinator
Environmental Regulations-RUS 1794-Classification ofProposals
I. Categorically excluded proposals without an Environmental ReportRepairs made because of an emergency situation to return to service damaged facilities of an applicant’s system
II. Categorically excluded proposals requiring an Environmental Report(Cat Ex w/ ER)
Rehabilitation of existing facilitiesFacility improvements to meet current needs with a modest change in use, size, capacity, purpose, or location from the original facilityConstruction of new facilities that are designed to serve not more than an increase in 500 EDUs and with modest growth potentialThe extension enlargement or construction of interceptors, collection, transmission or distribution lines within a one-mile limit from existing service areas
III. Proposals normally requiring an Environmental Assessment (EA)
Will either create a new or relocate an existing discharge to or a withdrawal from surface and ground watersWill result in substantial increases in the volume or the loading of pollutants from an existing discharge to receiving watersWill cause a substantial increase in the volume of withdrawal from surface or ground waters at an existing siteWould provide capacity to serve an increase of more than 500 EDUs or increase 30% in the existing population.
Environmental Report
The Guide for preparing the environmental report can be found on the USDA Rural Developmentwebsite: with PERRUSBulletin 1794A-602( RUS National Guide) RD Guide with 4Attachements
Required Attachments for the Environmental Report
Project location map (Area of Potential Effect – APE)Intergovernmental review processUSGS mapFEMA floodplain formFloodplain mapsFederal (National) Wetland mapsState Wetland mapsArcheological Sensitivity Area Map - SHPO “Circles and Squares”New York State Office of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation (SHPO) Comments; Arch. Survey (if done)Ag. District MapSoil Survey Map
Required Attachments Continued…
U.S. Department of the Interior Fish and Wildlife Service - commentsNYSDEC Division of Fish, Wildlife & Marine Resources - commentsNew York State Department of Agriculture and Markets (Ag. district only)State Environmental Quality ReviewNRCS – Important Farmland (Checklist and response)U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - CommentsSole Source Aquifers (map from EPA Reg. 2)NYSDEC Regional Permitting - commentsDepartment of State Division of Coastal Resources (map)Adirondack Park Agency - permitsWild, Scenic and Recreational Rivers (map)Consultation with Native American Tribes or other potential consulting parties (ER sent to Nation by RD)
ER Completion
ER Process doneCat Ex. impacts Final NoticeEA FONSI publishedProject Scope Changes/RevisionsER/PER amendmentsAgency sign off/permits





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Environmental Requirements - USDA Rural Development