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Game Project
IMGD 4000Due Dates:Form TeamsMarch 16TreatmentMarch 20WebsiteApril 2Tech milestoneApril11AlphaApril 14PlaytestApril 27BetaMay 2
Build a game!Using UE4In team ofartists+programmersExactly 2 of eachOf your own choosing, but with constraintsSpecifictechrequiredSpecificartelementsMilestones provided (as per previous slide)(Details next)
Form Teams (1 of 3)Form Pairs
Pair up with 1 other TechAfter class today!Each look over game requirementsPair meets, talk about 2d game s/he would like to makeSend me ([email protected])Classification of Art or Tech pair (4500 too)Pair names and email addresses1-sentence describing 2d game(s) preference(s)ByTuesday, 11:59pm
Form Teams(2of3)Speed Dating
All pairs must go to FL 222,2pm WednesdayTake 1 printed handout (pair info), other halfArt pairs assume fixed locationTech pairs randomly group with Art pairsGroups talk 5 minutesDing! Rotate clockwise and repeat
What is your favorite2d game(s) to play?What 2d gamehas the most impressive art and/or tech?What genre(s) of 2d game are you most interested in working on this term?Whatroles do youplayin teams you are part of?Whatgame development role(s) are you most interested in taking on this term?What are your strongest game development skills?Whenyou have an assignment due, are you more likely to get it done a week early, stay up all night before it is due, or something else?How important is this class to you and how does it fit in with your other commitments this term?
Form Teams(3of 3)Form Teams
After all done speed dating communicateIn person (FL222)EmailPairs group up,committo teamExactly 2 Art and 2 TechChoose team nameSend details ([email protected]&[email protected])Team nameList of all team members and email addressesByWednesday, 11:59pmAny student not committed  random!
Design Constraints (1 of 2)
Game design is constrainedIn our case, for educational reasonsIn many cases, financial, legal, or marketSetting, narrative, character personality, game mechanics arenotconstrainedDesigned byArtandTechNot necessarily role of any one person
Design Constraints (2 of 2)
The gamemust be 2dThegamemust have…1+ fully-animatedbiped or quadrupedcharacter.Playeravatar orNPC3+ non-character objects5+ sounds
Artists produce2 animated characters2 static 2d assets1 environment4-8 sound files“Working” in UE4Tech provideTech code for gameplayIncorporation of art in game
A Note About Teams
Game is team effort view it as suchProfessional in all aspect (reliability, communication!)Have roles, but lookbeyond roleWhat else needs doing?How can I help?Art studentsCreate assetsTest and assemble in UE4Animations working, level assembledWill be “Technical Art” lead help with level designTech studentsImplement all techIncorporate working art into game
Treatment Document (1 of 3)
Short document providing information on gameGameTitleGroupLeader(+email)IMGD 4000team (+ emails)IMGD 4500team (+ emails)ElevatorPitch (max 3 sentences)"Atop-down shooterusing rotten vegetables that takes place in the supermarket produce section. You win the game by hitting your opponent with a complete salad."
Treatment Document(2of 3)Details
Where and when does game take place?Who/what are protagonist and adversary (which one is player)?Explain primary objective of player and how winsExplain the general game narrative (if any) in 1-2 paragraphsWhat is basic game mechanic?Asset list (with brief description of each)Technical requirements (physics, pathfinding, networking …)Style guide (sketches, reference art, concept art)
Treatment Document (3 of 3)
Due Sunday!Email PDF to Claypool and SnyderNote,not “contract”,butchanceforteamto think through most aspects ofgamebeforestarting!May change mind during development (that’s ok)
For development of gameInclude information on rightHosting up to you (e.g., WPI)Consider links from past offeringsD12B12
Team(e.g., members, roles, contact information)Documents(e.g.,game treatment)Artistic content(e.g., Concept Art, Model Renders)Releases(Tech, Alpha, Beta)Promotional materials(e.g., Trailer)Finalgame!
Professional, outward representation ofgamedevelopmenteffort
Technical Milestone
Tech pair only - Short(~5 minute) demo in classVisitingWebsiteClickingon linkMake sure to test ahead of time!As in “real world”, get only one shot at interview/fundingREADMEDescribes technical componentsAttribute authors, if not equal
Describe high-level concept of gameDescribe and demonstrate tech elements requiredPoint out each as running gameNote:Not tuned/balancedNot necessarily any art (placeholder art as needed)
Due about ½ way through term – work on this with individual projects!
Full team - short(~5 minute) demo in classAllrequired featuresimplementedMay not be working entirely correctlyGame code tested to eliminate critical gameplay flawsMinor glitches/bugs presentCompile cleanly, runnableMay have separate levels for separate parts (e.g., some illustrating weapons, other bad guys)Not yet balanced, nor levels designedSome placeholder assetsok(e.g., simple cube)
Fullteam, inclassGameplayableby users outsideteam(Details TBD)Intent is giving and getting feedbackWill incorporate short-term fixesWill improve balanceNote long-term possibilities (later for portfolio!)
Your final release is like Alpha, butWithmore bugs fixedWithmore balanceWithmore polishDon’t forget opening/splashDon’t forget creditsDon’t forgetin-gamedirections
Beta Presentation
Present final game in classIntroIntroduce teamHigh concept of gameSummary of major features core ideasMost time spent demonstrating game! (show, don’t tell)Highlighting technical aspects needed as show themAll team members should talkArrange in advance who says whatBring laptop/ test on podium computer ahead of time!Embarrassing things can happen when you don't try out!Total time5 minutesPlan accordinglyPractice!Many timescontent, timing and transitions down
IMGD 4000 ForumsInstructAssistPostgoodresourcesAsk questionsCheck outUE4 resourcesthat we have collectedIf you find other really good ones, let us know!Consider design constraintsUse iterative developmentShould always have build that compiles, playsConcentrate oncore, thenrequired, thendesired(if time)
For each milestone (Tech, Alpha, Beta)Electronically, 11:59pmWindows executableTest outside UE4 editor, on another computer!Put onlineSource code (.cpp, .h)Well structured, commentedScreen shots of BlueprintsREADME.txtURL where executable isDirections
100-90.The submission clearly exceeds requirements. The game works without problems. The demonstration went smoothly, well-prepared and executed. All technical components exhibit an unusually high degree of effort and technical ability. Accompanying documentation is complete and clearly written, and Website is complete, well-organized and professional.89-80.The submission meets requirements. The game works without significant problems. The demonstration went fairly smoothly, showing preparation. Most technical components exhibit an high degree of effort and technical ability, although some may have minor issues. Accompanying documentation is complete and fairly clearly written, and Website is complete, and fairly well-organized and professional.79-70.The submission barely meets requirements. The game works, but with some problems. The demonstration has some difficulty showing functionality. Some technical components exhibit a high degree of effort and technical ability, but others have issues, possibly significant. Accompanying documentation is partially incomplete and somewhat unclear. Website is mostly complete, with some minor organizational or presentation issues.69-60.The submission fails to meet requirements in some places. The game may only somewhat work and has significant problems. The demonstration has difficulty showing functionality. Many technical components have issues, some significant. Accompanying documentation is unclear (or missing) and unclearly written. Website is incomplete, with some organizational and/or presentation issues.59-0.The project does not meet requirements. The game does not work or crashes frequently. The demonstration did not show adequate functionality. Most technical components had issues, some significant. Accompanying documentation is unclear, missing and poorly written. Website is missing or incomplete, with organizational and presentation problems.





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IMGD 4000 -