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Science - Year3/4B Summer 2ElectricityElectric PersonalitiesSession2Teaching PowerPoint
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How can you use these simple electrical components to light the bulb?
Did you discover how to do it?
The electrical leads connect the bulb and the cell into acircuit
What happens if you disconnect the circuit?
If the circuit becomes disconnected at any point, the electricity can no longer flow around, so the bulb goes out.
Now try these challenges
What happens if you replace the bulb with a buzzer or a motor?
Can you add an extra lead into the circuit?
What did you discover?
Buzzers and motors can also be powered by electricity as long as there are no breaks in the circuit.
Buzzers only work one way round. The red wire must be connected to the positive end of the battery.
Extra leads can be added to the circuit and the electricity will still flow, as long as there are no breaks in the connections.





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