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Nouns and Definite Articles -

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Copy your DLTDLT1:I can learn indefinite articles so I can determine when to use each specific indefinite article, depending on the noun being used in the sentence or phrase.DT2: I can learn the adjectives needed to talk about amounts of things so I can use the correct adjective and modify it to match the noun (in gender and number) in order to correctly express the amount of an item.Bellwork: What is each person’s favorite class?A Lucia le gusta hacer ejercicio.Me gustan los números.A Jorge y A Tomás les gustan las computadoras.Te gusta leer libros.A Rosa le gusta dibujar.
Indefinite Articles;cuánto, mucho and poco
Definite Articles= the
Thedefinitearticles agree with the noun they are describing in gender and in number.
IndefiniteArticles= a, an, or some
The indefinite articles agree with the noun they are describing in gender and in number.
Indefinite Articles
The indefinite articles un andunaare used to say a or an before a singular noun.unlibroa bookunamochilaa backpackThe indefinite articlesunosandunasare used to say some before a plural noun.unoslibrossome booksunasmochilassome backpacksThe indefinite articles can sometimes be left out, especially when the noun is plural.¿Tienes(unos)lápices? Do you have (some) pencils?
Give the indefinite article for each noun
Talking about Amounts
To talk about amounts of things, use the following adjectives. These words also agree with the noun they describe in gender and number.
Cuanto, mucho opoco
Complete the sentences or questions with the correct form of the word given.¿_________ ropa necesitas? (cuánto)Necesito _________ ropa. (mucho)¿__________ libros tienen? (cuánto)Tienen __________ libros. (poco)¿__________ mochilas necesitas ? (cuánto)Necesito _________ mochilas. (poco)¿__________ tarea tienes? (cuánto)Tengo __________ tarea. (mucho)
Necesito (Tengo) un cuaderno.Necesito (Tengo) una calculadora.Necesito (Tengo) unos lápices.Necesito (Tengo) unos bolígrafos.Necesito (Tengo) unas carpetas.Necesito (Tengo) una mochila.Necesito (Tengo) un diccionario.Necesito (Tengo) una computadora.Necesito (Tengo) un reloj.
¿Cuánta ropa tienes?¿Cuántos lápices tienes?¿Cuántos relojes tienes?¿Cuántas reglas tienes?¿Cuántos cuadernos tienes?¿Cuántas carpetas tienes?¿Cuánto papel tienes?¿Cuántos libros tienes?
Exit Slip
Answer the following questions:What are the indefinite articles and what do they mean in English?What indefinite article goes withlibro?Whatindefinite article goes withtarea?Translate the following English phrases to Spanish:Howmuch?Alot.





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Nouns and Definite Articles -