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Publish on Category: Birds 0 Board's SAT Selected for Statewide High School AssessmentSeptember 13, 2017
The state legislature passed (HB 2711) requiring the WVDE to identify a college entrance exam to be used as the statewide high school assessmentSAT, byCollegeBoardselectedEasy process for approvingaccommodationsand supports for testing students with disabilities, students on section 504 plans, and EnglishLanguage LearnersWV High School AP tests are designed by CollegeBoardKhan Academy®:Official practice Portal for SATAccess to 8 practice testsAccess to thousands of practice questionsPersonalized recommendations focused on what needs improvement
The SAT assessment:1. Administered in a paper format in year onewith an option to move online in year two and beyond2. Set up like a typical Saturday SAT assessment, butgivenduring the regular school day.3. Students can send their scores to up to four collegesoruniversities at no cost.The SAT is:Accepted at all institutions of higher learning in the USAQualifier for the Promise ScholarshipAt least 95% of WV juniors will be assessed for accountabilityException:Studentswith significant cognitive disabilities who will take the West Virginia Alternate Assessment.
Basics about Subject Tests are SAT Subject Tests in five general subject areas:English, history, languages, mathematics and science.Each Subject Test is an hour long. They are all multiple-choice and scored on a 200–800 scale.SubjectTestsassess knowledgeof subjects on a high school level.
Redesigned SAT: Organization
All slides involving organization/components can be found at test is now organized into four components:A Reading TestA Writing and Language TestA Math TestAnd an Essay direct-writing task, which is optional.
Redesigned SAT: The Reading Test
Unmistakablefocus on careful reading of appropriately difficult passageswide array of subject areasAuthentic textsA range of complexitiesInformational graphics for interpretationTextual evidenceExtended prose passages–meanings of words, phrases - tone and impact*EACH ASSESSMENT will have 1 passage drawn from a U.S. founding document or a text that is part of the Great Global Conversation
Redesigned SAT: Writing and Language Test
Standard Written English grammar, usage, and punctuationPassage-basedVaried subject areas (Academic & career related)Emphasis on informational graphics (shared with the Reading Test)Students will:Revise and edit a range of textsRecognize and correct rhetorical or mechanical errorsCommand of evidence (demonstrated by retaining, adding, revising, or deleting information and ideas in a text), word meanings and rhetorical word choice
Redesigned SAT: Math Test
The Math Test contains two portions: one in which the student may use a calculator and another in which the student may not.The test will focus on:AlgebraAnalyze, solve, and create linear equations and inequalitiesProblem Solving and Data AnalysisRatios, rates, proportional relationships, and statisticsAdvanced MathAbility to analyze, manipulate, and rewrite expressionsAdditional TopicsTopics from geometry and trigonometry
Redesigned SAT: Essay
The Essay portion is OPTIONAL!Passages are authentic texts that have previously been published.Students must:Read and produce a written analysisNot write their opinion, but construct an argumentUse textual evidence to support main ideasEvaluation:Based on the skill shown in reading, analysis, and writing
Resource Library for Teachers and Students Publications Order Form or order resourcesYou can order books for your class and other materials on this website.You will have to enter the school information, as well as your own position information.
More Helpful Resources: SAT Practice Tests Daily Practice Tests can be Scanned and Scored–watch this video
Informational Flyers from SAT
Preparation for Subject Tests on high school course workthe best way to prepare for them is by learning the material taught in the corresponding classes and using the textbooks that you’re already using for those classesThere are sample tests available online and in practice books
Scoring of the SAT“Rights–only”scoringBased only on questions answered correctlyNo deduction for wrong answers (to encourage students to try every problem and eliminate skipping problems)
Accuracy of grading
We monitor the scanning accuracy of answer sheets through several quality assurance checks, including alignment checks and double scanning of documents.Here’s what you can do to make sure your answer sheet is scanned accurately:Use a No. 2 pencil and a soft eraser. Do not use a pen or mechanical pencil.Make sure you fill in the entire circle darkly and completely.If you change your response, erase as completely as possible.





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https___wvde.state.wv.us_news_3413_ College Board's SAT ...