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DDS & DMH Collaboration Summit June 17, 2016

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Commonwealth of MassachusettsDepartment of Developmental Services(DDS)
DDS Initiatives for AdultsWith Autism but Without Intellectual Disability
Lea HillRegional Autism Program CoordinatorDDS Northeast Region
Autism Omnibus Law of 2014
Expansion of eligibility to include Adults with Autism andPrader-Willi without Intellectual Disability and for SmithMagenisSyndrome.
2014 Autism Omnibus Bill Highlights
Established theAutism Commissionas a permanent body within EOHHSCarolyn Kain, Executive DirectorSub-Committees on Employment, Housing, Adult Services, and moreChanged Eligibility Criteria for DDSCreated Tax-Free Savings Account (ABLE)Created Autism Endorsement for Special Education Teachers
2014 Autism Omnibus Bill Highlights
RequiredDDS and DMHto Develop and Implement Plan for Mental Illness and Developmental Disabilities, including:RespiteFamily SupportCare CoordinationRequiredMassHealthto Cover Medically Necessary Treatments for Children under 21 – Including Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)
DDS Adult Autism Eligibility
Download the Application: in English, Spanish, Portuguese and ChineseEligibility Fact Sheet for Adult Autism Spectrum Disorders:
DDSAdult Autism Eligibility
Eligible Individuals must have Substantial Functional Impairments inThree or Moreof theSeven Major Life Areas:Self-Care (ADL)Expressive CommunicationReceptive CommunicationLearningMobilityCapacity for Self-DirectionEconomic Self-Sufficiency
DDS Adult Autism Eligibility
Adult Autism Eligibility Applications may be submitted atAge 17, even if the individual is still enrolled in school.DDS Adult funded services begin once the individual isOut of School (18-21) or reaches Age 22.All DDS Services and Supports are subject to Appropriation.
DDSAdult Autism Eligibility
AdultEligibility remains throughout the Life Time unless the Individual relocates Out of StateDDSServices areVoluntary
DDS Adult Services
Service CoordinatorAttends IEP’s and Transition MeetingsLeads ISP MeetingsSupport Brokerfor Self-Directed Services
Frequent Service Requests for Adults with Autism
Individual SupportsExamples:Adult CompanionIndependent Living Skills DevelopmentSkill Training & Job DevelopmentReferralto Clinical SupportsBehavioral, Psychiatric, Assistive TechnologyDay/Employment SupportsIndividual and Group Supported Employment
New Initiatives for Adults with Autism
Autism Coaching ProgramAutism Specialistsat Family Support CentersSocial/Recreational EventsSupport Groupsfor Individuals and Parents
Collaboration with DMH
Area OfficeCase ReviewDuring Eligibility Process & OngoingPsychiatric ConsultationPsychiatric FellowshipsClubhouses(DMH Eligibility Not Required)Collaborative Training and Staff Development OpportunitiesNew Service Model Development
DDS Autism Program Coordinators:
Northeast Region –Lea [email protected] Region –Maria [email protected] Region –[email protected]/West Region –Pamela [email protected]





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DDS & DMH Collaboration Summit June 17, 2016