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November 2 1st Period -

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November 19 1stPeriod
DOL Week 2, Day 5 , Quiz Tomorrow!Go over “Tell-Tale Heart” quiz, revision option. MUST BE DONE IN CLASS AND RETURNED TODAY! Grades will be recorded from returned tests, so don’t walk out with your test.Editing Activity: Revision options: continue editing in group. Either return folders/papers because they are complete, or return tomorrow after revising tonight.SSR
Each person read essay aloudEach classmate note any concernsWriter will then decide if you want to do any editing. If you do, return whole folder and contents Monday with revisionWhen everyone has read/responded, pass folder to left, each member use rubric to see if classmate has EVERYTHING required in folder. Write your name on the top of the rubric like this “Edited by (your name)”Return to writer.If anything is missing, writer may take folder and return Monday.
November 19 2ndPeriod
Charissamake up tests: “Raymond’s Run”Schoology assignment: What happened?AR changeDOL Week 2, Day 5, Quiz tomorrowNovel catch-up: Choosing ceremony, initiation, Dauntless charactersAssign for Tuesday 14-15
November 19 3rdPeriod
DOL Week 2, Day 5, Quiz tomorrowReturn essays: commentsGo over “Tell-Tale Heart” quizzes, revision opportunityMonster:continue discussing juxtaposition of scenes, p. 42 , Sawicki’s Credits: connotations, charactersFinish novel for Tuesday
November 19 4thPeriod
SSRDOL Week 2, Day 5, quiz tomorrowCollect Elevator plot line?Read “Lady or the Tiger” to p. stopped p. 689, finish discussion what does reaction to ending say?Check Reader’s Workshopworksheets, stopped on poetry
November 19 5thPeriod
DOL Day 5, quiz tomorrowGrouppresentation MondayWork on Poster,due Tuesday(gallery walk)If you finish, SSR





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November 2 1st Period -