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Day 4 Session 4 - International Federation of Library ...

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Day 4 Session 4
Next steps
Make use of IFLA’s policies, training, and adviceActivities and conferencesProjectsSupport from IFLA and the IFLA Regional Office
Post-convening activities
Timeline of activities
SCECSAL Workshop Malawi – July 2014IFLA Congress Lyon – August 2014AfLIAconference?Your national association conference?Other events?Satellite meeting in Cape Town 2015?Global convening 2016
Upcoming activities
We will contact each of you to submit your finalised proposalApplications will begin from 1 April 2014If you are planning an activity sooner, let us know!We will start assessing and supporting proposals between April/May 2014 and on a rolling basis until 2016
Projectscould include support to:Implement BSLA workshops and activities at existing eventsegnational and regional library association conferences;Deliver projects in-country, such as a series of BSLA workshops and activities;Implement IFLA advocacy projects or policies;​Undertake projects bringing together a smaller number of associations in the region to form alliances or partnerships in pursuit of advocacy goals.Associations will have several opportunities to apply for project funds between 2014-2016, as needs and priorities evolve.
Follow-up activities and project funding
You could submit a proposal:For activities in your national association, or in partnership with other organisations in your countryFor a group of countries (egFrancophone) –For the Africa region as a whole
For larger projects, or large regional projects IFLA will work with the Regional Office to identify further funding sourcesAssociations therefore can develop proposals for large or small projects depending on their needs
Project funds
Finalising project proposalsIdentifying trainers for a projectIdentifying additional sources of fundingAdvice to implement projectsSupport for evaluation and reporting
Support from IFLA and the Regional Office
What do we look for?Good support from association leadershipClear understanding of BSLA objectivesRealistic assessment of risksManageable size and objectivesPlan for sustainability
What makes a successful project?
We have a strong group of trainers who can work with you on your projectYou are welcome to approach them directly to collaborate across countries, or IFLA can help you identify a suitable trainerTrainers volunteer their time and share their experiences to lead workshops and training for BSLA





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Day 4 Session 4 - International Federation of Library ...