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The Arts and the Ancient Greeks -

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Coach CrewsWorld History
The Arts and the Ancient Greeks
Greek Poetry and FablesGreek poems and stories are the oldest in the Western worldAn epic is a long poem about heroic deedsThe first great epics were theIlliadand theOdysseyby Homer
TheIlliadis about a battle for the city of TroyTheOdysseyis the story of Odysseus, a Greek heroGreeks believed these stories real and a part of history
A fable is a short story that teaches a lessonAesop wrote many fables still passed on today
Greek DramaA drama is a story told by actorsTragedies (overcome difficulties but fails) and comedies (good endings)
Greek Art and ArchitectureArt and sculptures expressed Greek ideas and beliefsThe Parthenon – famous temple dedicated to Athena
Task 1: As a table, complete a bullet-summary of theIlliadandOdysseyusing textbook pages 157-158. You will also bullet-point what Homer’s stories taught the Greeks. 5 bullet points each forIlliad,Odyssey, and Homer’s teaching through epicsTask 2: Read the three shortAesop’s Fablesprovided to you. Answer questions 1-2 at the bottom of the pageThis must be completed in class.Classworknot completed will be subject to High Expectations next Wednesday.When completed with all of the above, read pages 160-163. These pages will tell you more about Greek drama, art, and architecture
Have your work out so that I may come around and read your answersOnce it has been checked, you may put your stuff away





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The Arts and the Ancient Greeks -