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Writing a GreatTopic Sentence
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Writing a good, solidparagraphis much easier when you know what needs to go in it.Think of it as a recipe:gather all the ingredientsput them in in the right ordercheck to be sure it’s done (properly)The first ingredient is thetopic sentence.
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The Magic Formula
a greattopicsentence
how you/othersfeel about it
"Many sports fans feel overwhelmed when theymeet a sports superstar."
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In the formula, the "interesting subject" is thetopic.What you plan to sayaboutthe topic is called thecontrolling idea."Parents can protect their toddlers by taking certain safety precautions at home."Topic:protecting toddlers from home injuriesControlling Idea:taking safety precautionsYour paragraph will be about how parents can baby-proof their home.
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Your topic sentence should get the readerready to read what’s coming.Here are three ways to do that:start with ahook(use a question or quotation)start with aplan(tell your reader what to expect)start with ateaser(build curiosity & anticipation)
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The HookOne way to grab your reader's attention is with an interesting quotation, question, or piece of informationin the topic sentence:"I do not like to write -- I like to have written," reflected American author Gloria Steinem.or"Have you ever eaten a sundae so big that it almost toppled over before you could finish?"or"Not all animals that have fins and swim in the ocean are actually fish."
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The PlanAnother way to begin your essayis with atopic sentencethatlists each subject you'll be covering:"My three favorite foods are spaghetti, pizza, and jelly beans."This opening sentence helps you easily divide the rest of your essay into its three different paragraphs and tells readers what they can expect.
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The TeaserYou can also build your reader's anticipation with atopic sentencethat is an action statement:
"We practiced all week to get ready for the big game."Now the reader really wants to know how hard you practiced, and whether all that work paid off!
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Example:"Hi my name is . . . and I’m going to tell you about . . ."The readers know you're going to tell them something, so you don't need to say it. Just introduce the subject and begin.
The No-NoHere is a type oftopic sentencethat is not a very strong way to begin your essay:
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The end.
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