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Writing the Final DBQ Essay - Southern Regional Education ...

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Writing the Final DBQ Essay
Afterreadingprimary and secondary sources, onthe immigration of the Irish, Chinese, Eastern Europeans, Italians,  and Hispanics to the United States, write aDBQ essayin which you comparethe experiences of two of the immigrant groups to assimilate into the United States.
Organizing Evidence
Review previous lessons in your Academic Notebook for the immigrant groups we have discussedUsing the graphic organizer in activity 6.1 included as much evidence as possible from each of the groupsRight now, do not worry about which groups you are going to include in your essay; you may change your mind after you look at your evidence
Evidence from the Documents
Read through the documents.Cite evidence in the space in your Academic NotebooksIt is recommended you attempt all of the documentsWhen you are finished, look at the documents with which you feel most comfortableBased on those for which you have the most evidence or understanding, select the two ethnic immigrant groups you are going to write about
6. Using Documents to Support Your Argument
Remember sourcing, corroboration, and context when using and citing evidenceYou will be using the documents tosupportyour ‘argumentDO NOT DESCRIBEthe documents. DO NOT SAY “In Document A we see immigrants coming off a boat. Document B talks about how the Chinese came into Angel Island. Document C says etc, etc.” – that is referred to as ‘laundry listing’ and is not considered to be an acceptable way of using documents.
Planning Your Essay and Developing a Thesis
The Introductory paragraph is extremely importantA good introductory paragraph will contain your thesis – your position or argumentYou will choose the two immigrant groups you are going to talk about andDevelop your working thesis
6.4 Points to remember: Introduction
Introduce your reader to the ‘case’ you are making in your introduction – what are you going to talk about?Do notramble –have a partner read your introduction – after reading it can they tell what your essay will be about? If not, make adjustments.You do not need to cite specific evidence in your introduction, but need to include enough specifics to make it clear what your argument will be
6.5 Selecting Documents and Developing Body paragraphs
Select the documents that support your thesisYou will need no less than 2 paragraphs to support your thesis and introductionUse the graphic organizer to plan your paragraphs and the information you plan to include AND which documents support your argumentDevelop a working topic sentence which will introduce what you will discuss in the paragraph.You can always revise it before your final essay
6.6 Writing the Body
Lead off the paragraphs with your topic sentencesRefer to the documents, butdo not use long quotesfrom the texts – if you are using more than 4 or 5 words from the document, you are likely not using it properly.You are using the document tosupportyour answer, not make your argumentDon’t forget tocitethe documents when using evidence from them – a common mistake!And – complete sentences!
Using the Documents
Remember to include the cite in your essay whenever you refer to evidence from the document (Doc. A).Avoid saying “Document A says/shows”Instead, use like this: “Photographs of immigrants coming into Ellis Island show virtually all them carrying little more than one suitcase each (Docs. A, D, F) The point of view that photographers may have been trying to demonstrate is that most immigrants came into America with very little. A potential purpose and audience for these photographs could be groups who could help to the new immigrants”.
6.7 Planning the Conclusion
Your conclusion is where you will pull all of your information together for your grand exit!It will resemble your introductory paragraphYou will restate your thesis, but modify it (don’t restate it word for word)A major difference in the conclusion is that you haveprovedyour thesis
6.8 Writing the Conclusion
Using the information in your graphic organizer, write your conclusionExchange with a partner when you are finishedRemember to ‘revisit’ the thesis from your introductory paragraph without restating it word for word
6.9 Writing the Essay
Today you will write your final essay.Find the introduction, body paragraphs and concluding paragraphs that you have written in the previous activitiesYou will use them to write your final DBQ answerYou may make minor revisions if you think theywill improve the paper.





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Writing the Final DBQ Essay - Southern Regional Education ...