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WV Division of Personnel Leaves of Absence

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Presented by Lisa CollinsAdministrative Services ManagerPersonnel Transaction ReviewRevised 4/29/16
WV Division of PersonnelwvOASISGoLivefor Wave 2
GoLiveimplementation for Wave 2 agencies,MAY 14, 2016The Division of Personnel, in cooperation withwvOASIShave been working to identify the most common challenges for agencies.This session will discuss those challenges and resolutions.
What was identified as a WV-11 in HRIS is now known as an ESMT or TESMT document.The transaction, code, and cause are now the PACT and PART codes.
Only selectthePACT and PART code combinations identified in the most recent version of the Personnel Action Code and Reason Guide, found on thewvOASISwebsite.The newest version of the guide can be found at:Enterprise Readiness – Training – HRM/Payroll – Supplemental Training Aids/Guides – Personnel Action Code and Reason Guide
PACT - ORIGL – Original Appointment/New HirePART - CLE – Classified ExemptPRV – Provisional AppointmentPTP – Part-Time ProfessionalHAB – Hire above EntryHAM – Hire above Market RateHSR – Hire StandardPOR – Provisional to Original Appointment
Original AppointmentTerminology
ORIGN – Original Appointment NEOGOVNOT BEING USED AT THIS TIMETMPOR – Temporary to Original Appointment – this code is under scrutiny to determine if it will continue to be utilized. More information will be provided when available.
Two New Original Appointment Transactions
The correct ESMT doc to processfor a first time hire of a temporary employee in thewvOASIS/Advantage system would be:PACT –TEMPS PART– 1K - 1000 HR TempPART– SEA – Seasonal AidePART– 4GI – Governor’s Intern
Temporary Appointments
The correct ESMT document to process if the individual has previously been hired in any capacity in thewvOASIS/Advantage system would bePACT – REHIT PART – 1K – 1000 HR TempPART – 4GI – Governor’s InternPART – SEA – Seasonal Aide
Temporary AppointmentRehires
TheONLY correct Increment Service date for a temporary employee is 12/31/9999.Increment Service date is found on the Pay Progression tab which will be discussed in more detail later in this session.
Temporary Appointment
Documentation is attached directly to the ESMT document.Documentation can only be attached while in DRAFT mode. The Division of Personnel CANNOT add documentation to an ESMT.
We have a job aid with instructions on how to attach documentation to an ESMT on the DOP website under thewvOASIStab.
Uploading Documentation
Please keep in mind the new biweekly pay schedule when processing transactions with future effective dates on or after May 14, 2016. These transactions are still being input and approved in HRIS.Your agency should be mirroring the approved transaction inwvOASIS.Promotion, reallocation, transfer or any transaction that would change the employee’s salary or classification would be effective on May 14, 2016, which is the first day of the pay period.
Biweekly Pay Schedule
The original appointment date is defined differently inwvOASISthan EPICS and HRIS. The original appointment date in HRIS is the employee’s initial permanent employment date either classified or classified exempt. This does not include temporary time.The original appointment date inwvOASISis the first date that an employee ever worked forthe State in a permanent or temporary status. It could be a DOP covered or non-covered state agency. It has no effect on tenure.
Original Appointment Date
The original appointment date field inwvOASISis only modified if the agency needs to change the date to record any prior service and/or if you need to change the date in order to modify the increment service date.To modify the original appointment date field inwvOASIS, the personnel action code is OADTC.THIS IS THE ONLY PACT CODE THAT CAN BE USED TO MODIFY THIS DATE. THIS DATE SHOULD NEVER BE MOVED FORWARD.
Original Appointment Date
Kronos uses the Original AppointmentDatefieldin HRM. This is why the Original Appointment Date field cannot be modified with a forward date.
Original Appointment Date
It is extremely important for agencies to understand the Pay Progression Taband itsfunction. These dates control benefits, leave accrual, overtime rates and increment.
Pay Progression Tab
The Pay Progression Start Date is the first time the individual was ever hired as a State employee. This includes, permanent, temporary, DOP covered and non-DOP covered employment. Hours and minutes are also included in this date if applicable.
Pay Progression Start Date
The Benefits Progression Start Date is the most recent date the individual was hired into a benefits eligible position.
Benefits Progression Start Date
The Leave Progression Start Date is the date used to determine when an employee’s annual leave accrual should be increased. This date is effected by leaves of absence and prior State service.Anytime a leave return is processed the Leave Progression Start Date MUST be adjusted.A tenure calculation will be required upon each leave return processed for an employee.
Leave Progression Start Date
This field is not in use at this time and must be left blank.
ACA Non-Assessment Period End
The Increment Service Date is the date used to determine how much increment an employee is entitled to. This date is effected by leaves of absence and prior State service.Anytime a leave return is processed the Leave Progression Start Date MUST be adjusted.A tenure calculation will be required upon each leave return processed for an employee.
Increment Service Date
The Division of Personnel has created a calculator to assist agencies in determining the Pay Progression, Benefit Progression, Leave Progression and Increment Service dates.It can be found at the Division of Personnel website under thewvOASIStab.
Progression Date Calculator
Wave 2 agencies have a distinct advantage over Wave 1 because we know more, we understand more and there are more tools available.Make sure you give enough time for transactions to be processed through your agency, DOP, CPUand the StateBudget Office.Get ready because weGoLiveon May 14, 2016!





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WV Division of Personnel Leaves of Absence