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The Burden of Leadership -

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The Burdens of Leadership
LCJE CEO Conference,Haslev, Denmark, May 2017
The Burdens of Leadership
“Leaders must be motivators, educators, role models, sounding-boards, confessors, and cheerleaders…”General William G. Pagonis,HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW on BREAKTHROUGH LEADERSHIP(2001)

The Burdens of Leadership
“If you have not been tested by fire, you do not know who you are. And if you do not know who you are, you cannot be a leader.”Laurie Beth Jones,JESUS, CEO(1995)

Understanding the “Burdens of Leadership”; Advising Others
As we are ‘tested by fire’ and get to know ourselves better as leaders, what challenges emerge, and how do we deal with them?How have you as an individual leader or as a couple leading a ministry dealt with challenges or with other “burdens of leadership”?What would your advice be to younger leaders?





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The Burden of Leadership -