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Chapter 13 Black Hole - Pearson Education

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Chapter 13Black Hole
Figure 13.1Neutron Star
Figure 13.2Pulsar Radiation
Figure 13.3Pulsar Model
Figure 13.4Gamma Ray Pulsars
Figure 13.5Isolated Neutron Star
Figure 13.6aCrab Pulsar
Figure 13.6bCrab Pulsar
Figure 13.6cdCrab Pulsar
Figure 13.7X-Ray Burster
Figure 13.8Millisecond Pulsar
Figure 13.9Cluster X-Ray Binaries
Figure 13.10aGamma-Ray Bursts
Figure 13.10bGamma-Ray Bursts
Figure 13.11Gamma-Ray Burst Counterpart
Figure 13.12Gamma-Ray Burst Models
Discovery 13-1aGravity Waves
Discovery 13-1bGravity Waves
More Precisely 13-1aEinstein’s Theories of Relativity
More Precisely 13-1bEinstein’s Theories of Relativity
Figure 13.13Curved Space
More Precisely 13-2aTests of General Relativity
More Precisely 13-2bTests of General Relativity
Figure 13.14Space Warping
Figure 13.15Black Hole Heating
Figure 13.16Robot–Astronaut
Figure 13.17Gravitational Redshift
Figure 13.18Cygnus X-1
Figure 13.19Black Hole
Figure 13.20Intermediate-Mass Black Holes?





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Chapter 13 Black Hole - Pearson Education