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Building High Performance Teams - Boston University

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Building High Performing Teams:
Mark BraunHuman ResourcesMay 12, 2014
Your feedback about team experiencesReview some good practicesShare some research on good collaborationExercise with debrief
Your Experiences with Teams
GoodBad and Ugly
Five Dysfunctions of Teams:
Inattentionto ResultsFocus on personal successLack ofAccountabilityLackofCommitmentFearofConflictAbsenceofTrust
Effective Teams
Shared Vision and goals (why and what)Clearlydefined roles, responsibilities and expectationsEsprit De Corps:  commitment andtrustEffective CommunicationAlignment and awareness of styles, values and priorities
Personal Awareness
Inorder to work effectively with me,please___________andtry to avoid_____ _____andplease know under pressure I maybe________________so, please________________.In order to work effectively with me, pleasetry to include as much detail as you can about your expectations up frontand try to avoidadding to your requirements list once we have begun workand please know under pressure I may bequiet while I am processing what you’re sayingso, pleasejust give me a minute to think without thinking I am angry or upset about what you said.
Good Collaboration
Product -What
Process -How
Activity- Team Experiences
Thinkof a team that you are on now or have been part of in the past:What makes it work well?How could it be improved?What’s your role?How can you help the team be more effective andproductive?Getfeedback from2 of your colleagues





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Building High Performance Teams - Boston University