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Vegetable Identification and Judging CDE

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2010 VegetableIdentificationand Judging CDE
1.Due to inconsistent level of nutrient in compost, accompanying applications of balanced
ChemicalInorganicOrganicStore bought
2. Compost is
A manure-like organic fertilizer/soil conditioner highly beneficial on Florida’s infertile native soilsOnly used when organic material is not availableTime consuming to create and usually smells while being createdNot beneficial unless you add nitrogen to the compost mix
3. True or False? If using organic chemicals in your garden you don’t need to wash your vegetables.
4. Chemicals should be
Stored in a safety sealed containerStored in a childproof containerStored in its original containerUsed all at once to prevent waste
5. In general, most seeds should be planted
1 – 2 inches deep2 – 3 inches deep3 – 4 inches deep4 – 5 inches deep
6. The most dominant soil type for vegetable production in Florida is
Sandy soilsClay soilsLoam soilsHydroponically
7. Plants require _____ elements for normal growth and reproduction.
8. CNR stands for
Current National RequirementsCrop Nutrient RequirementsCurrent National ResponsesCold Nurturing Recommendations
9. Decomposition rates of organic materials in warm sandy soils in Florida are
SlowFastThe same as clay soilsSlower than clay soils but faster then loam soils
10. Organic waste material can contribute to
Ground water contaminationNutritional fulfillment required by plantsDisease problemsPesticide problems
11. The generally preferred form for plant uptake of nitrogen is
12. Florida vegetable production has seldom seen deficiencies in
13. The word “Danger” signals that a pesticide is ______ toxic.
14. The main method of communication between pesticide manufacturer and pesticide user is through
Direct oral communicationThrough salesmanProduct labelProducer to producer
15. The first consideration after a chemical spill is
Personal ProtectionCrop protectionEquipment protectionEconomic considerations
16. Agricultural employers ________ provide decontamination areas for agricultural workers and pesticide handlers.
ShouldMustDepending on chemical being used shouldEconomic considerations
17. True or False? There is no way to predict nematode risk.
18. Bulb crops does not include
Dry onionsLeeksGarlicBok choy
19. Head lettuce applies to
RomaineButterheadCrisp head lettuceAll of the above
20. Rain can make chemicals
Less effectiveMore effectiveRain doesn’t affect effectivenessLast longer
21. Harvesting of vegetables _________ stress on the planet tissue.
Does not changeDecreasesIncreasesPrevents
22. Many Florida shippers are well equipped to rapidly _______ their crops.
23. A common method of cooling vegetables is
Room coolingPressure coolingIcingAll of the above
24. True or False?Hydrocoolingis not recommended for vegetables.
25. Crop rotation in Florida is ______ used forsoilbornediseasecontro.





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Vegetable Identification and Judging CDE