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Veggie Quiz 1 -

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1.Many Florida shippers are well equipped to rapidly ________ their crops.
2. Mechanical injury ________ senescence and ripening.
3. More than ______ of Florida grown vegetables are shipped out of state.
4. A method of weed control is
Crop competitionCrop rotationMulchingAll of the above
5. ________ pressure should be used for applying fungicides.
6. When transporting pesticides, the containers should be
Properly labeledProperly securedVentedAll of the above
7.The width of the planting bed is determined by all of the following except
CropNumber of rows desired per bedReason for using mulchAvailable acreage
8. Too little fertilizer in general will result in
Over production of budsOver production of foliageLeggy plantsStunted plants
9. A reduction in ________ can increase a plants hardening process.
10. Precision seeding is a term used to
Plant a seed and fertilizer at the same timePlant a seed at the correct soil moisture levelPlant a seed at an exact plant spacing to achieve a uniform standAnalyze the amount of coating a seed has to prevent disease
11. Seed costs are _________ for hybrids than for open pollinated varieties.
HigherLowerNo differentDepends on crop
12. Fertilizer broadcast over the garden plot should be spread
1-2 days prior to planting1-2 weeks prior to planting3-4 weeks prior to planting2-3 months prior to planting
13. What is the dominant factor in control of the plant height?
WaterFertilizerSeed varietyPlanting depth
14. Fields where seepage irrigation is used or fields prone to flooding should be cropped using
Drip irrigationPan bedsRaised bedsTrack beds
15. For routine crops monitoring and diagnostic procedures for most nutrients use
New leavesMature LeavesAny leafSoil samples
16. Fertilizer and water management programs
Are linkedShould be assessed independently of one anotherAre only needed on a large production operationsCan create more challenges than solutions
17. Fertilizer rate and placement
Have no relationshipShould be considered separatelyShould be considering togetherShould be dictated by economics
18. A good source of sulfur is
19. Chemicals should be
Stored in a safety sealed containerStored in a childproof containerStored in its original containerAll of the above
20. Generally, thee most effective method of chemical protection is
DustsSpraysWater based chemicalsOil based chemicals
21. Thefirst number on a fertilizer bag stands for
NitrogenPhosphorousPotassiumWeight of bag
22. The three parameters of disease progress include all of the following except
The initial amount of inoculumThe rate of disease increaseResistance to chemicalThe time the crop is grown
23. Cooperatives provide services such as
PackingMarketingBulk purchase of suppliesAll of the above
24. All of the following increase mechanical injury potential except
Transfer plat anglesRotational and velocities of brushes and rollersMoisture controlProtusions
25. The two methods of nematode control are
Cultural and chemicalBiological and environmentalCultural and biologicalChemical environmental





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Veggie Quiz 1 -