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Ventura County Community College District
AP 4021: Program DiscontinuanceA Presentation to the Board of Trustees by theAcademicSenatePresidents ofMoorpark, Oxnard and VenturaColleges
September 11,2012
CCR definition ofProgram*(§ 55000 (g)) :“Education program” is an organized sequence of courses leading to a defined objective, a degree, a certificate, a diploma, a licenses, or transfer to another institution of high educationIf it required BOT action to create, itrequiresBOT action to eliminateDiscontinuanceEliminate entire disciplineORRetain the discipline but eliminate degrees, certificates, awards“Service discipline”
“Program” “Discontinuance”
Program Plan Review and EvaluationEvaluation ofprogrameffectiveness isrequired perACCJC Accreditation Standards*Process for program review is10+1**Separate and distinct process from Program DiscontinuanceHowever, it is referenced as Step I within AP 4021AP 4021 stipulates an annual review cycle
Prior to Program Discontinuance:Program Review and Evaluation
Each college uses its set of agreed upon criteriaPer AP 4021:The review and evaluation results in one of the four recommendations of action:No action neededStrengthen the programReduce the programReview of discontinuancePrograms may be recommended for discontinuance if the Vice Chancellor of Business and Administrative Services projects district reserves to fall below state-required 5%.
Prior to Program Discontinuance:Program Review and Evaluation
Step I: Annual Program Review and Evaluation ProcessStep II: Recommendation Group (RG) Review & AnalysisOption A: Ad HocRG: two-thirds faculty as appointed by Academic SenateOption B: Use an existing committee with majorityfaculty representationAfteranalysis using Program metrics/criteria, RG has two options1)Recommend program continuance with revisionRequires written justification2 year monitoring period2)Recommend discontinuanceRequires written justification
Overview of Discontinuance Process
Step III: EVPReview,Analysis & RecommendationReceives and analyzesRG’sformal written reportConsults with discipline faculty and appropriate constituentgroups,as defined by each campusWith a formal written rationale, theEVPinforms the following of people of theEVP’srecommendationDiscipline FacultyDepartment ChairArea DeanAcademic Senate President
Overview of Discontinuance Process
Step IV: Academic Senate Review & RecommendationReceives and reviews recommendation and supporting documentation from theEVPAcademic Senate has two options in response toEVP’srecommendation:1) Concur with the recommendation2)Demur withthe recommendationPropose alternate course of action to address issues inEVP’sjustification for discontinuanceInresponse to the EVP’srecommendations and within 2 regularly scheduled meetings,Senateto provide to the College President aformal, written recommendation
Overview of Discontinuance Process
Step V: College President Review & RecommendationAfter receiving recommendations from the EVPand theAcademic Senate, the President determines the proposed course of actionRequired tocommunicate his/herrecommendation to the following:Discipline FacultyDepartment ChairArea DeanAcademic Senate PresidentNotifies college of recommendation inwriting only after those listedabovehave received notificationRecommendation is forwarded to the Chancellor for possibleBOTaction
Overview of Discontinuance Process
Step VI: Board of Trustees Review and ActionChancellor andBOTare providedRecord of process followed at the campusFindings and recommendations ofRG,EVP, Academic Senate, College PresidentChancellor prepares awritten reportto the BOT with recommendedactionsBOTholds publichearing and takesaction
Overview of Discontinuance Process
Step VII: Implementation of Board ActionsIf theBOTacts to discontinueCollege President develops a plan in consultation withDiscipline Faculty, Department Chair, Area Dean, Academic Senate PresidentThe plan must include the followingTimeline and process for curricular and programmatic deletion/discontinuance approval at the local and state levelProvision for students currently in the program for completion and/or transferProvision for displaced faculty and staff, where feasibleProvisions for impact on budget and facilitiesRemoval of program from catalog
Overview of Discontinuance Process
The only variables in the process are:How a program or disciplines gets “on the list”Program Planning and EvaluationShould never come as a surpriseThe composition of theRGin Step IIWho theEVPconsults in Step III
Variables in AP 4021?
After Program Review and Evaluation(precedingAP 4021 process)College President reviews and analyzes Program Evaluation StatusFormally provides Senate with list of areas of concernAP 4021 process is implemented by the SenateRGconvenes using Option A from Step IIMC’sSenate convenesRGconsisting of the following with the Senate VP and a Dean acting as Co-Chairs:MC’sRGmust be 2/3s facultyAcademic Senate Vice President as Co-Chair1 Dean from an unaffected/least affected as Co-Chair1 Faculty member from each division who is not associated with the affected discipline (currently 6)1 CounselorFaculty are appointed by the SenateFaculty Curriculum Co-Chairadditional deans adjusted as needed to retain 2/3s majority FacultyAppointed by the College PresidentInstitutional Researcher (advisory only)
After recommendations from the RG, EVP and Senate and following the procedures outlined above, the College President produces a list of possible programs for elimination or reduction.The Senate convenes PBC (the RG) using Option B from Step IIwith the Academic Senate President and the Vice President of Business Services acting as co-chairs and further membership of:9 faculty members, no two from the same department1 AFT representative2 Managers appointed by the President3 Classified representatives, including the Institutional Researcher1 Student representativeEVP of Student Learning (non-voting)
“Executive Team” (College President, EVP and VP of Business Services)reviews and analyzesprograms on an annual basis each springExec Team annually and formallyprovidesto the participatory governance group, the College Planning Council (CPC) and to the campus at large each April/May, the “Ventura College Planning Parameters”Included on the “VC Planning Parameters” are the programs the administration is considering for discontinuance barring any compelling argument presented by a program during the subsequent academic year’s program review processAn updated “VC Planning Parameters” is announced to CPC and campus at large in Aug/SeptShould a program on the “VC Planning Parameters” still be considered for discontinuance at the conclusion of our program review process, AP4021 processwill be implementedby theSenateRG would be Option Bfrom Step II
Riley Dwyer[email protected] College Academic Senate PresidentLindaKama’ila[email protected] College Academic Senate PresidentPeter H.Sezzi[email protected] College Academic Senate President
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