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_-Improving Vocabulary Skills - Rowan County Schools

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Improving Vocabulary Skills
Matching words with definitions
Injustice; unfairness; an instance of injusticeA new custom, method, or invention; something newly introducedBased on personal opinions, feelings and attitudes; not objectiveSomething that discourages or prevents a certain actionExpressed clearly in a few words; to the point; conciseTo renew the strength and energy of; restore to a vigorous, active conditionA physical weakness or defect; ailmentDistributed thinly; not thick or crowdedTo intrude or trespass on; go beyond the limits considered properAn idea that is communicated indirectly, through a suggestion or hint
Sentence check one
a.deterrentb.implicationc.inequityd.infirmitye.infringef.innovation g.revitalizeh.sparsei.subjectivej.succinct
Although Marie joked about her broken leg, it was an _____ that kept her from work for a month.When a restaurant’s tables have ashtrays, the _____ is that smoking is permitted.Our democratic rights do not include the freedom to _____ on other people’s rights.“Now” is a _____ way of saying, “At this particular point in time.”Our grass is _____ along a path at the corner of the lot, where kids take a shortcut through our yard.
Sentence check one
a. deterrent b. implication c. inequity d. infirmity e. infringef. innovation g. revitalize h. sparsei. subjective j. succinct
An interesting _____ in food packaging is a bottle from which salad dressing is squirted, rather than poured.The seminar for company employees _____(e)d my aunt’s interest in her job by giving her new skills and suggesting new goals.The Diary of Anne Frankis a _____ view of events during World War II, from the point of view of a young Jewish girl in hiding.The company was accused of creating a(n) _____ by paying women less than men for doing the same work.The fact that Beethoven was totally deaf by age 50 wan not a(n) _____ to his composing at the age of 53 one of his most ambitious and beloved works, theNinth Symphony.
Sentence check Two
a. deterrent b. implication c. inequity d. infirmity e. infringef. innovation g. revitalize h. sparsei. subjective j. succinct
1-2.When the candidate for mayor saw the _____ turnout for his speech, he knew he had to do something to _____ his campaign.3-4.Future _____s in technology, particularly on the Internet; may make it easier for a government to _____ on the privacy of citizens’ computer records.5-6.Although arthritis can be a painful _____, Aunt Fern refuses to let it be a(n) _____ to her active lifestyle. For example, she continues to go square-dancing every week.7-8.All editorials are _____ - they represent someone’s opinions. In an editorial, for example, writers are free to argue against the _____ of police brutality, instead of just reportingon it.9-10.A sign may be brief and still have several _____s. For example, the _____ sign “Dangerous Curve” suggests that drivers should be wary and slow down, that the curve ahead is sharp, and that bad accidents have happened there before.
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_-Improving Vocabulary Skills - Rowan County Schools