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APSIS SCTE Adaptive Power Systems Interface Specification

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APSISSCTE Adaptive Power Systems Interface Specification
Frank Sandoval –Dirof SW Engineering, ComcastChair – SCTE APSIS committee
Adaptive Power Systems
Application monitoring and control of device energy consumptionAttenuate power consumption to correlate with service demand. E.g.As usage of HSD, VOD, and other services ebbs and flows,so should power consumptionReal-world examples:vendors have demonstrated %15 power reduction on CCAP by disabling ports and interfaces when demand slowsReduce bias current to RF nodes during off-peak downstream demandAPSIS is essentially a Software Defined Networking (SDN) framework that can dramatically reduce overall power usage while improving reliability andQoSGreater visibility and control of device behavior can lead to better service qualityAPSIS Energy Management can simply be another aspect of a ‘Smart Network’ framework
APSIS defines a software interfaces to enable device and operator independent APSIS applicationsDefines an Information Model (IM)Co-developed with IETFProvides protocol independence. IM can be encoded in various protocols.Defines device-level Protocol ‘bindings’ to IMSNMP inherited from IETFFuture work may include NETCONF(YANG), REST(XML,JSON), IPDR,OpenFlow,etcDefines APIAbstraction layer to isolate applications from device-specific protocolsImplies a ‘middleware’ layer that manages device connections on behalf of APSIS applications
Software Model
As with many common frameworks, a ‘northbound’ API provides easy to use interface for application developers‘southbound’ interfaces manage the details of connecting to plethora of devices and systems
OpenDaylightis an example of an APSIS SW framework.SCTE APSIS defines model (IM), and protocol bindingsCable industry could open sourceOpenDaylightEnergyMgmt‘plugin’ to provide interoperable APIsLeverages common framework for other SDN scenarios





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APSIS SCTE Adaptive Power Systems Interface Specification