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A report of IGP program
John Liu
Associate Provost and Associate Vice President for ResearchOctober 28, 2014
IGP: Intramural Grant Program
Source of Funding: 10% of Indirect Cost Recovery
* $150,000 committed cost share included
72 (43.1%)
Number of grants
Number of PIs with IGP who obtained extramural grants
Is IGP AchievingItsGoals?
Too early to fully tell1,190 proposals by 167PIs submittedinthe last3 years, i.e., 2.4 proposals/PI/Yr(university average <1).72 PIs obtained215 grants in the last3 years, totaling $32.2million, i.e. $154K/PI/Yr(university average $51K/faculty/Yr).Increased interdisciplinary collaborations.Publications, patent, and student training
IGP: AreasforImprovement
IntramuralGrantsProgram (IGP)
12 stepstaken for thechanges
Draft developed based onFRCreport, the administrative data, and all feedback;Draft revised bystaff;Draft shared withFRC and ADRs, copied todeans;2nd draft developed based on feedback;Second draft shared withFRC, ADRs, andfaculty, copied todeans;3rddraft developed based on all the feedback;Proposed changes reported toFRCon August 21, 2014; 4thdraft developed;Met with senate leadership andCRG committeeconcerning review processes; 5thdraft developedProposedchangesreportedtoURCon August28,2014;Revisedbased on feedbacks,6thdraft developedProposed changesreportedto theProvost CouncilonSeptember 4,2014;RFPfinalizedonSeptember 5, 2014, with a due date of December 1, 2014.
The purpose ofIGPis to grow the research enterprise and enhance scholarship at Auburn University through increasing extramural funding and high-quality scholarly and creative output.
1. Sharpened the intended purpose
2. Increased accountability and flexibility
Clarified that the responsibility is on the PI;Submission of proposal(s) is required;Mustnothave 2 IGP grants within 3 years, unless: Extramural/intramural grant ratio greater than 3;Efforts and successes in extramural fundingbecomea majorcriterionfor IGPfunding evaluations.Two-year duration, flexible spending by upfront funding;Interdisciplinary collaborationsencouraged but not required
3.The Programs of IGP
LevelIVGrant:Under review by theStrategicEquipmentTask ForceChairs: David Riese, Skip Bartol
4.Making the processes work effectively
Formshave been re-designed.Submission process has been changed to reduce “irregularities”.Thereviewswill be doneby peer-reviewpanels, with the approvalof the senateleadershipand CRGcommittee.Annual progress ismonitored by the ADRs, only final reportto the OVPR&ED is required.





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