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Anappositive phraseis a noun phrase inserted into a sentence that gives extra meaning or identifying information about the nouns in the sentence.“My school,Brooklyn Tech, is in Fort Greene.”“When I get home I play League of Legends,my favorite game.”“This summer I readThe Hunger Games,a book about a violent dystopian future.”“Sometimes my dad,a quiet and unassuming man, makes weird jokes.”
Add an appositive phrase to each:Yesterday my best friend threw snowballs at my head.We went to Rockaway Beach on Wednesday.The musicians yelled at the crowd and refused to play.
Participlesare verb forms ending in –ingor –edthat can serve as adjectives.“My favorite food isfriedfish.” (verb: to fry)“Therunningboy left us all behind.” (to run)“His story waschillinganddisturbing.” (to chill, to disturb)“They are tooobsessedwith Hotline Bling and never get any work done.” (to obsess)
Aparticipial phrasecontains a participle and is also inserted into a sentence to add information about a noun in that sentence.“Whistling a tune, Janie skipped down Penny Lane.”“We all saw him sitting there alone,dejected and depressed.”“Thinking that the test was on Tuesday, Alan had not studied over the weekend.”
Add a participial phrase:Jack did not know what day it was.Beth showed everyone else that she was the best employee.Beyoncedazzled the audience.





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