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Olives for oils
High Density Planting
Normal tree spacing is 5’ x 12’Can be planted as close as 3’ within row and 11’ between rowsTop the tree at 8-9’ highSucker below 24”T-post to hold wireBamboo to hold treesDrip line
Land prep only requires a depth of 12”Water requirement is the highest in the first two yearsAnnual water requirement is 16” – 18”Mechanically prune
Site selection
You can grow on Class 4 soilsKeep in mind, you must deliver crop to processer within 24 hours.
Pounds of nutrients per acre for olives
Year Range of N Potassium115-200215-200330-50604+30-5080
Machine harvest with a grape harvesterCost is $350 - $400 per acre
2nd. year500lbs.3rd. year2.7tons 121.5 gallons4thyear4tons180gallons5th. + years 5 tons225 gallonsSome Varieties produce 50 gallons/tonThe average yield since 2014 has ranged from 147 gallons to 273 gallons
Market Prices
Since 2014 the market price has ranged from$13-$19pergallon.This season the prices are:Extra Virgin = $22Virgin = $14 - $15Refined Olive Oil = $2 - $3
How do they process Olive Oil
PressEmulsifyChemical extractionWhat is meant by the term Extra Virgin?





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Apricots -