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9. LoC - Calling the Disciples

Jesus calls His followers to follow Him with immediate obedience (Matt. 4:18–22).
Jesus calls His followers to completely obey Him in responding to His call:

Follow Him in
righteousness and in loving the lost.
Jesus’ call on our lives demands that we follow Him above everything else.
Up 2 Speed:
Following His baptism, Jesus fasted in the wilderness for forty days and was tempted by Satan.

These temptations tested Jesus as a man, and as God; and show us that Jesus understands how we feel when going through difficult pressure.

Today we will look at how Jesus began calling His twelve disciples to follow Him; and discover that discipleship involves forsaking ourselves, following Christ, and reaching others.
Bible Text:
Matt 4:18-22
Luke 5:1-11; 9:1-6
Jesus calls His followers to follow Him with full obedience (Matt. 4:18–22).
Jesus calls His followers to follow Him in showing love to unbelievers (Matt. 9:9–13).
We make choices based on what Christ’s choices are.
In following Him,
we must love those who do not believe in Him to show and share Christ with them.
Welcome to Youth Group!
Matt 9:9-13
After His temptation in the wilderness Jesus returned to the region of Galilee, where He had grown up, and began His public ministry.
During this time He called the twelve disciples. This happens very early in the Gospel of Matthew, suggesting that Jesus wanted the disciples to be a part of His ministry from the very beginning.

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9. LoC - Calling the Disciples