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Workplace Citizenship : How the aspects of social responsibility, communication, and teamwork obtain an active and useful citizens in workplace for college students
Workplace citizenship is the ability to participate in a community through which the qualities of social responsibility, communication, and teamwork are acquired that make graduate employee work ready.
> Identify and relate the social responsibility, communication, and teamwork as the qualities that make up "workplace citizenship"
>Defining Citizenship in the workplace.
Paragraph 1
Social Responsibility
Charles Darwin University definition of Social responsibility- "Ability to apply equity values, and has a sense of social responsibility, sustainability, and sensitivity to other people, culture and the environment".
How college graduates can be socially responsible towards work setting.
>Setting aside personal interests.
>Providing positive vision to followers.
>Encourage to adopt citizenship.
Paragraph 2
Importance of communication in the workplace achieving citizenship.
Communication with the customers and co-workers.
> Classifications of communication.
> Reasons why the communication worked well in workplace.
>Factors affecting workplace interactions.
Communication barriers and strategies to avoid each barrier.
Understanding of collaboration and cooperation.
Roles of leader in establishing and reinforcing teamwork in workplace.
Paragraph 3
Forms of leadership
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Workplace Citizenship
Sherlon Garbo
Summarises all the key points and support the thesis statement.

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Hard Work