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The Musical Audition Process -

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Pine-RichlandHigh School SpringMusical ~ 2019
Meet Our Director: Sarah McGrawKrushinski& Directing Team, Christy Barnhart, Marcella Day, &, of course, our Producer Kathy MorrisseyThe Audition Process – Dancing, Singing, MonologueWhen and WhereSign-upsRequirementsAdjudicatorsRehearsals
Contact Producer, & Code of Conduct Contract
[email protected] Kathy MorrisseyThis year we are doing what many organization at PRHS do before their activity begins; we are having students and parents sign a Code of Conduct Contract. This contract must be signed by both students and parents before the audition process is completed.
Orchestra and crew
Once the Musical is selected and cast, the Orchestra Director, Stage Manager and Technical Director will meet with their student groups.Schedule of rehearsalsSchedule of work sessions

When do I audition?Sign-up sheets will be posted on the library windows for both dance and monologue/vocal auditions.Dance auditions will take place on Monday, October 8th, 2018 at the High School starting at 2:45.You will need to sign-up for a one-hour timeslot for this audition. Students will learn a dance combination with a group. This audition will be videotaped. You will be scored individually.The monologue/voice auditions are on Monday, October 22nd at 3:00 atPine Richland Middle School.Students will sign-up for a timeslot to perform song selections (two 16-bar excerpts of your choice) from the list provided. This audition will be videotaped.
Audition Requirements
Dance auditions will be conducted on Monday, Oct. 8th. Be sure to wear clothes and footwear that you can dance in comfortably. You will be taught a short dance combination which you will perform in small groups for the adjudicators.Memorize and sing 2 16-bar selections from the songbooks for your audition on Monday, October 22nd. These have been pre-chosen by the directing team and everyone will sing from either the Soprano/Alto books or the Tenor/Baritone books. You may sing two from one or one from each voice part.Prepare a completely memorized monologue for auditions on Monday, October 22ndno longer than 1 minute (it will be timed) from a play, musical or movie. Please choose age-appropriate material. The monologue will be performed right after you sing.Be aware that you may be called back to perform scenes with other students and you may be asked to sing again. All those who are being called back will pick up materials ahead of time to learn for callbacks.Call Backs are for supporting and principal roles only. Ensemble roles will be cast from the first auditions. Please note that preparation is key at call backs! Memorizing the callback material is a VERY GOOD idea if you wish to shine. Call Backs will be held on Monday, December 3rdon the High School stage at 2:45.
How to achieve the Most fair, most objective & non-biased Auditions
Adjudication Panelwill include members of the musical directing team members of the PRSD staff who are not a part of the directing team. Our goal is to have an impartial adjudication panel. Some members of the panel will participate in the audition process but have no involvement in the musical itself.Videotaping auditionswill assure transparency.It is also a helpful tool for the directing team to be able to review the individual auditions, if needed.5-Point systemwill be used to score auditions. This point system supports an objective audition process and objective evaluation of students’ skill sets.
The Musical TeamStage/Artistic DirectorChoreographerMusic DirectorProducer
Additional Adjudicators4-5 Impartial Members of the P-R Staff8-11 total adjudicatorsat initial auditions.
Sample Scores
Adjudicator One
Jane SmithVocalMonologueDance3 4 3Comments:Very strong middle voice, mix-belt quality. Expressive monologue, believable. Moved well, and smiled a lot.
What happens after the Initial auditions?
As soon as the auditions are completed, the directing team/adjudicators will talk about their impressions and scoring from the dance/monologue/vocal auditions. The directing team then agrees upon a date tocome together againto decide who will be called back, based on an average of scores and comments from every adjudicator. Once that meeting takes place, and decisions are made, callbacks are posted.
Posting the Final Cast List
Once all roles have been cast, a list will be posted with the names of all participants in the lead roles, supporting roles and ensemble positions.Students will put their initials next to their names to show they have seen the list and agree to the role they have been assigned.A brief explanation as to when rehearsals will begin will also be posted on the final cast list.
Example:Standard Rehearsal Schedule
Tuesday, January 10th: 3:00-6:00 pgs. 23-35Staging with Miss Sarah4:00-6:00 Party DanceChoreography w/Miss MarcieWednesday, January 11th3:00-5:00 pgs. 36-42Staging with Miss Sarah-All3:00 5:00 working on musicsolosits5:00-6:00 Finale Act One-AllChoreography with Miss MarcieSaturday, January 14th1:00-3:00 pgs. 42-50Staging with Miss SarahFinale of Act One3:00-5:00Finale Choreography w/Marcie
Hard Truths
Just being honest!On the high school level, we do have to cut some people who audition and we have to cast the best people for the show we have decided to do. Just as in a team sport, we can only cast those who are most qualified to perform within the shows demands and who can fill the roles the musical needs. It is understood that this can be a difficult reality to accept.The casting team endeavors to be as fair and impartial as possible. Our decisions are final and if there is a grievance, we will handle such a grievance with evidence of videotaped auditions and detailed audition notes and scores. The directing team’s decisions are final and if thereis anyquestion, we will be fully prepared to handle the dispute.Our hope is that you trust our instincts and will recognize we only want what is best for the students, our show and for the best experience for all.





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The Musical Audition Process -