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The Nuts and Bolts of Assessment -

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Suffolk University Assurance of Learning
RichardBeinecke, Professor and ChairSuffolk University Institute for Public Service
Why We Do It?
What are students actually learning?How can we as faculty improve this experience, our course content and program?IPS - a department of the Sawyer Business School: Follow AACSB but not accredited by itNASPAA: Reaccredited 2013
What we are supposed to do
The outcomes assessment process should include:1. Definition of student learning goals and objectives2. Alignment of curricula with the adopted goals3. Identification of instruments and measures to assess learning4. Collection, analyzing, and dissemination of assessment information5.Useassessment information forcontinuous improvementincluding documentationthat the assessment process is being carried out ina systematic, ongoing basis. (AACSB Assessment Resource Center, 2007)
How we do it
Design learning goalsCreate rubrics to score the learning goalsCreate Assessment Tools to collect dataScore the rubricClose the loop and evaluate the data6. Action plans
Learning GoalsPublicService LeadershipAnalytical ReasoningResource AllocationEthical Approaches to Public ManagementWritten & Oral Communication
Which course tests the learning goal?PAD 718 & 890
RubricStandards for testing learning goals
A communicationsrubricCreates a well-developed topic & conclusionGrade 3-2-1
Create Assessment tool
Design: essay exam; multiple choice exam; case study or similar toolNo group projects
Data collectionAt least twice in a 5 year cycle but do it more often!
“Close the loop”Analyze the data and implement action items
Written: Professor assessment of case study paper in 718Oral: Professor assessment of class assessment of oral presentation in 718Others: Test given in Capstone course, PAD 890Done at least once per year in all sections of 718 and 890 that semester
PAD 718 Written Assignment
PAD 718 AOL Written Communications AssignmentLeader Case (6-8 double spaced or equivalent pages. 30% of grade including 10% presentation). Due December 5This paper is intended to apply the class readings and discussions to a leadership case of the student’s choosing.You may write about any leader of your choosing as long as you address his or her actions in a given specific historical situation and as long as the leader has not been a case thoroughly described in one of the books. The paper should include the following two components; points will be deducted if either is not fully covered:A description of the situation necessitating the leader’s action, the situation, and the outcome.Application of the class and reading theory to the case including the leader’s use of leadership skills and the theory on the process of achieving success.This is a research paper, including appropriate cited references used to build the historical case and the biography of your chosen leader. With this in mind, the leadership situation has to be one which isdocumented, not a situation at work or from one’s personal lifeBe prepared to present and discuss your leader and your paper in one of the last two classes and be graded on it by your colleagues.This assignment will be used to provide confidential data for the Written and Verbal Communication Assurance of Learning (AOL), an assessment required by our accrediting bodies to evaluate the effectiveness of the teaching in our department.
WrittenCommunications Rubric
Class grading or group projects cannot be usedUse points system from the rubricPerformance benchmark: 80% meet or exceedIf the benchmark is not met, then an Action Item is required at the department level. May beRefinement of assessment tools and/orSome action or innovation to be undertaken by the department and faculty to improve student learning
Follow Up Process
Data analyzed, shared with Department and SBS AOL CoordinatorAction items determined by DepartmentDepartment actionSummary Report with Results and Actions (Handout)Three year calendarAnnual report for all departments by AOL Coordinator
AOL Coordinator and Site Visit Reviewers Have
Assessment tools answered by the students (copies of all tests and papers saved by AOL Coordinator)Graded rubricsReportsElectronic format is ok.
Keys to Success!!
All members of IPS involved at every step of the development and implementation process – full Department support of the processRegular discussion at Department meetingsDesignated IPS AOL Coordinator working closely with Department Chair and SBS AOL CoordinatorReal response to action itemsMulti-year process and experience





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The Nuts and Bolts of Assessment -