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The Passion Narratives -

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The Passion Narratives
The suffering and death of Jesus
When do we begin?
During the season ofLent:season of preparation for Christ’s Resurrection at EasterWe begin to prepare for our conversion away from sin in order to be born into new lifeHoly Week: begins with Palm Sunday Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem for the Passover feastTriduum: Three Holy Days: holiest days of our liturgical year that remember the passion, death, burial, and Resurrection of Jesus
Conspiracy Against Jesus
High priest, chief elders (Sanhedrin, Caiaphas) want Jesus to be convicted out of fear they may lose their power by the hands of the Roman EmpireFearful that the Romans would see Jesus as the leader of a revoltJudas agrees to bring the chief elders soldiers to Jesus in exchange for 30 silver pieces
Holy Thursday
In preparation for the Passover feast, Jesus tells his disciples to go and prepare the guest room for The Last Supper (The Lord’s Supper)At the Passover meal, Jesus proclaims that he will be betrayed (Judas Iscariot) and denied three times before morning (Peter)It is at the Passover meal that Jesus gives instructions of how we are to participate in his loving memory by taking of the bread (body) and wine (blood) our Eucharist
Holy Thursday (cont.)
Washing the Disciples Feet:Peter is confused why Jesus would wash his feetJesus answers “I have given you a model to follow, so that I have done for you, you should also do. Amen, Amen I say to you, no slave is greater than the one who sent him.”The New Commandment=law of love “love one another…as I have loved you, so you also should love one another”
Jesus’ Arrest and Trial Before Sanhedrin
After the Passover meal, Jesus and his disciples leave for Mount Olives where Jesus takes a moment to pray (Agony in the Garden) in GethsemanePrays to Abba=FatherNone of the disciples stay awake with JesusJudas betrays Jesus with a kiss (designated signal for the crowd to arrest Jesus)Peter cuts off the servant’s earDisciples flee from the scene after Jesus is taken away
Jesus Before the Sanhedrin
Many came forward to give false testimony against Jesus Jesus said he would tear down the Temple and rebuild it in three daysPeter sat at a distance watching the trial but did not come forward but did deny him three times before morningIt was finally when asked if Jesus was the Messiah he answered “I am”This was deemedblasphemy:hatred or defiance against GodSoon after Judas hangs himself out of regret for his betrayal
Jesus before Pilate
The Sanhedrin could not carry out the punishment for blasphemy (crucifixion) so they brought Jesus before Pontius Pilate to have him convicted oftreason:insubordination and claiming to be a kingPontius Pilate knew that the high priest and chief elders were jealous of Jesus and did not find Jesus guiltySent Jesus to King Herod because of his jurisdiction since Jesus is a Galilean
Jesus before Herod
King Herod did not convict Jesus but returned with him to Pontius PilateIn custom of the Passover season, Pilate told the crowd he would release a prisoner (Barabbas or Jesus) the crowd chose Barabbas, a murdererPilate has Jesus scourged 39 times, still not found guilty the high priests continued stating Jesus needed to be crucifiedWhen Pilate asked Jesus if he is the King of the Jews, he replied “My kingdom is not of this world”The two found Jesus guilty of treason
Jesus’ Crucifixion
Simon aCyrenianhelped Jesus carry his cross to Golgotha (Place of the Skull)The women (Mary his mother, Mary Magdalene, Mary mother of James and Joseph) were present and Jesus entrusted his mother to the disciple John9 am Jesus was crucifiedFrom noon to 3pm darkness came over the land and 3pm is the reported time of Jesus’ death alongside two criminals
Jesus’ Burial
Joseph ofArimatheaasked for Jesus’ body for burial because it was near the SabbathWrapped Jesus in clean linen and laid in the tombMary Magdalene and Mary, mother of James and Joseph remained facing the tombA guard was sent to protect the tomb





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The Passion Narratives -