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Cold and Flu Prevention
Objectives of the Lesson
Know the symptom differences between a cold and a fluKnow how to prevent a cold and flu in thework settingKnow appropriate ways to wash hands
Let’s take a little Quiz
1. Sniffling, achy, a little tired? You may have:a.Common coldb. Fluc. You could have either2. You have a mild cough, but no fever. You are dealing with:a. Common coldb. Fluc. You could have either3. Your ears are aching. You could have:a.Ear infectionb. A Coldc. You could have either4.You are no longer congested or achy, but a cough has lingered for over a week. Could it still be a cold?a. Yesb. Noc. No sure5.What should you do if your cold symptoms get worse after three days?a. Get more restb. Call a doctorc. Take over the counter medicine for your symptoms
Flu (Influenza)
Common cold is an upper respiratory infection that is caused by several families of viruses. It is one of the most commoninfectiousdiseases and most Americans get one to three colds each year.
The flu is a respiratory infection which is caused by the influenza virus. The infection is very contagiousandtypicallyis spread through air or direct contact from one person to the next. The peak season for flu epidemics is during the winter months.
How are they different?
Preventing the spread of Cold and Flu
Blow your nose in a tissue and place in a trash canSneeze in your sleeve and not your handDo not touch your faceWash hands often for at least 20 secondsGet physical activity regularlyReduce or cut out alcohol consumptionDon’t smokeGet a flu vaccine (Health Department)Drink plenty of fluidsClean and disinfect surfaces that may be contaminated
Relievesymptoms with over-the-counter medicationsCongestion, cough, and nasal discharge may be treated with aDecongestantAntihistamineCombinationof the twoCoughmedicationsAdequatefluid intakeEightglasses of water or juice per dayUsetissues and wash your hands frequently
Antiviralmedications may be given by doctor within 2 days of flu symptoms appearance. Check with your doctorOver-the-countermeds can help minimize the discomfortOver-the-countermedications do not treat the virusDrinkadequate liquids to prevent dehydrationAdequatenutrition is needed for rapid recoveryBedrest is a good ideaWaituntil symptoms are gone to return to full activity
Treatment of Cold and Flu
When should I go back to work?
TheCDC recommends that you stay home for at least 24 hours after the fever is gone except to get medical care or necessities.Thefever should be gone without the use of fever-reducing medicine.Ifyou begin to feel bad at work you should go home.
Proper Hand washing
When a sink is not available, alcohol based hand sanitizer can be usedWarm water and soap, rub hands togetherScrubbacks of hands, between fingers, and under nailsContinuerubbing hands for at least 20 secondsHum“Happy Birthday” song beginning to end twiceRinsehands under running waterDryhands using clean towel or air dry
How will you prevent the spread of the Cold and flu within your workplace?





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