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Region III Regional Response Team Meeting Plymouth …

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Region III Regional Response Team Meeting
Charlottesville, VANovember 27-29, 2018Highlights, Action Items, Potential Agenda Topics,Upcoming Meeting Dates
General Information to Website
The following items are posted on theRegion 3 Regional Response Team (RRT3)Website (located in the RRT3 Meetings 2018 webpage in the“Documents” Tab under “11-2018 Meeting”):Final AgendaList of AttendeesThis PowerPoint Summary of the MeetingsPresentationsWorkgroup documents in process / HandoutsTraining Opportunities & Presentations ListSummary of Agency Report-Outs(
General Agenda
Tuesday, 11/27/2018:Inland Area Committee MeetingPresentations and Training WorkgroupExecutive Committee Meeting andUnited States Coast Guard (USCG)D5 Response Group SessionWednesday, 11/28/2018:Standing RRT3 Meeting,Outbriefs, and Report-OutsThursday, 11/29/2018:Workgroup Working Sessions:Consultation, Natural Resources & Damage AssessmentInformation Management and OutreachRegional Contingency Plan (RCP)Re-WriteSpill Response Countermeasures
New Plans and References Added to RRT3 Website
Region IIIRegional Contingency Plan (RCP)(November 2018) is available on the Region III RCP Webpage: followingRegion III Inland Area Contingency Plan (IACP)documents will be posted to website 60-day review and comment period:Volume I – Region III – IACPVolume IV – Northeast PA Sub-Area Contingency Plan (SACP)Volume V – Southcentral PA SACPNote: you must be logged in to access plans located under the “*Review” CategoryRRTIII 2019 Work Planis posted on the RRT III PLANS webpage ( “Documents” Tab under “Work Plan”SignedRRT III Information Management Planavailable on RRT III PLANS webpage:“Region III Regional Response Team Guidance for the Decanting of Contact Water in Inland, Ocean, and Coastal Waters” posted on the RRT III Response Tools-Fact Sheets Website“Region III Surface Washing Agents Preauthorization Test and EvaluationProtocol"postedon the RRT III Response Tools-Fact Sheets Website
New Plans and References Added to RRT3 Website (continued)
Endangered Species Act (ESA)Matrix for Inland ResourcesAvailable on Response Tools-Fact Sheets webpage: and Federal Agency Fact SheetsWill be available on Response Tools-Fact Sheets webpage once finalized: available on the RRTIIIHOME PAGE ( under the “Events” tabNational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)Marine Debris GuidanceDocuments:
Tuesday Topics
November 27, 2018
Inland Area Committee (IAC)Melissa Linden (EPA) for Debbie Lindsey (EPA) – Chair; Robin Dermigny & Debbie Scholz (START Contractors)
AGENDA:Inland Area Planning Updates – Melissa Linden for Deborah Lindsey, EPA:Sub-Area Updates from OSCsIACP Volume I November 2018 Update ReviewSub-Area Plan Updates and Update ProcessHOT TOPIC DISCUSSION – “Water utilities flushing / discharge issues, firefighting, oil/hazardous substance cleanup, etc.” – presented by Charlie Fitzsimmons (EPA)PRESENTATION – “ESA Matrix for Inland Area and Inserting into IACP” – presented by Melissa Linden (EPA) & Lindy Nelson (DOI)PRESENTATION – “ATSDR Support During a Response” – presented by BobHelversonAgency forToxic Substances and Disease Registry(ATSDR) [presentation not to be distributed]PRESENTATION – “IMACC Presentation on Air Modeling Support for Responses” – presented by Andy GroseInteragency Modeling and Atmospheric Center (IMACC)Identifying Available Air Monitoring Equipment Resources from federal and state agencies
IAC (continued)
Proposed IAC Workgroup Activity Timeline:
Tuesday Presentations
PRESENTATIONs provided in their entirety on RRT3 Meetings 2018 Website ( under the “Documents” Tab under “11-2018 Meeting”:PRESENTATION: “Pamunkey Exercise with VDEM” – Presented by Christine Wagner, EPAPRESENTATION: “Sector Delaware Bay/Maryland-NCR Joint Offshore Lightering Exercise BriefPRESENTATION: “Marine Debris Presentation” – Presented by Jason Rolfe, NOAAPRESENTATION: “Dielectric Fluids” – Presented by TJ Mangoni, USCG D9
Tuesday Presentations (cont.)
ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION: “Handling Non-Regulated Chemicals – Pollutants vs. Regulated” – Moderator Lindy Nelson, DOIACTION ITEM:DOI and USFWS will work directly with the State OSCs to determinethestatus of action notifications for non-regulated pollutants
Training WorkgroupChair: KaitlinHess (EPA);Debbie Scholz (START Contractor)
Workgroup members include all RRT3 voting and participant membersUpdated “Training Opportunities and Presentations” for May 2019 Meeting and in the future were reviewed and posted on the RRT3 Meetings 2018 webpage ( “Documents” Tab under “11-2018 Meeting”ACTION ITEMS (all participant members):Review and provide comments on list of Training Opportunities and PresentationsProvide suggestions and/or contact information for future training/presentation topics toKaitlinHess
Executive CommitteeCo-Chairs: Kevin Boyd (EPA) & David Ormes (USCG)RobinDermigny& Debbie Scholz (START Contractors)
Status Update:Workgroup report-outs are summarized on the Wednesday Standing MeetingNext RRT3 Exercise (Tabletop) will be held in 2019ACTION ITEM:EPA Coordinator to sendDoodle Poll ( to RRT IIIMembership on Meeting Agenda Format – Voting due no later thanJanuary 9, 2019
Decision Making by Executive Committee:Executive Committee will review RRT III documents for approval and adoption via email with a30-daycomment periodRCP Re-Write WorkgroupRRT III Co-chairs to sign the PlanRCP to undergo full review/update every 5 years; with updates occurring as needed (when referenced documentation is approved/adopted) or every 2 years as necessaryAdd section on the use of Surface Washing Agents (SWA) for use during Decontamination Planning to SWA guidanceRRT III Exercise scheduled for May 2019 RRT III Meeting2019 RRT III Work Plan was approved, signed, and posted to RRT III PLANS website; the Plan isdue to NRT byJanuary 31, 2019
Executive Committee (continued)
ACTION ITEM:RRT3 Co-Chairs to send letter to all agency and state/commonwealth members reminding them of the importance of participation and attendance at RRT3 meetingsFuture Meeting Locations:2019 Meeting Dates and Locations (Tentative):May 7-9: Rehoboth Beach, Delaware (date may change; doodle poll sent out by Cindy Santiago for feedback)November 19-21: West Virginia (Martinsburg/pan handle area)
WednesdayRRT III Standing Meeting
November 28, 2018
RRT III Standing MeetingCo-Chairs: Kevin Boyd (EPA) & David Ormes (USCG)
Welcome, Announcements, and Introduction of all Members participating (in person and remotely)Welcome to Virginia by Joshua Saks, Virginia Deputy State Natural ResourcesCoordinators Report by Cindy Santiago, EPAPowerPoint Presentation of RRT3 Coordinator’s Report is provided on RRT3 Meetings 2018 Website ( under the “Documents” Tab under “11-2018 Meeting”Upcoming RRT and Area Committee Meeting dates, times, and locations (as available) were providedRRT III Website Calendar: All Meetings, Exercises, Training Opportunities, Conferences are being posted on the RRT III Website Calendar ( under the “Events” tabACTION:Please provide information on events appropriate for RRT III distribution [email protected]@westonsolutions.comfor incorporation into the RRT III Calendar
Standing Meeting (continued)
PRESENTATIONS and FOSC, State/Commonwealth, and Agency Report-Outs are provided in their entirety on RRT3 Meetings 2018 Website ( under the “Documents” Tab for “11-2018 Meeting”PRESENTATION: “RRT3 Coordinator’s Report” presented by C. Santiago, EPAREPORT-OUTS: 2018-11-28_RRT3_Agency-Report-outs.pdfPRESENTATION: “OUTBRIEF – Hurricane Florence Update” presented by CAPT Bion Stewart & CDR Tracy Wirth, Sector North CarolinaPRESENTATION: “Update – ESA Matrix Developed for Inland Area” presented by Lindy Nelson, DOI
Standing Meeting (continued)
OUTBRIEF: 2018 NRT-RRT Co-Chairs Meeting presented by Kevin Boyd, EPA RRT III Co-Chair and David Ormes, USCG RRT III Co-Chair – no presentation providedCAPT Anderson (Sector Delaware Bay) presented on munitions dumping in oceanNOAA satellite imagery presentation (same as done in May)NRT decided that policy on dispersant use will be left up to individual RRTs to develop based on varying Region needs/trustee feedbackData from BP spillareavailable as reference, but notable to prescribe if useis right/wrongPRESENTATION: “FEMA National Level Exercise” presented by Dick Polley, FEMAPRESENTATION: “Joint Sector Delaware Bay & Maryland-NCR PREP Exercise Update” presented by LT Nick Barrow, Sector Delaware Bay, CAPT Loring & LT Grant Johnson, Sector MD-NCR, Ben AndersonDelaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control(DEDNREC), John Giese (VDEQ), & Debbie Scholz (EPA START contractor)
Closing Remarks
Great working meeting!If you want to volunteer or know of a speaker for upcoming RRT Meetings, please contact RRT Coordinators:Cindy Santiago ([email protected]) orKaitlin Hess ([email protected]) orDavid Pugh (David.E. [email protected])
Next RRT3 Meeting
May 7-9, 2019 (Tentative) – Rehoboth Beach, DelawareRRTIII Contingency Plan (RCP)”“RRT3 Meetings 2018” URL:“RRT III Workgroup Home Page” URL (login required): to other RRT3 webpages:
Area Contingency Planning Websites
Inland Area Committee – EPA Region 3 OSC Planning Dashboard: Maryland - National Capitol Region website and ACP: Delaware Bay website and ACP: Hampton Roads website and ACP: North Carolina website and ACP: Buffalo website and ACP: Huntington website and ACP:[no homeport website available] Pittsburgh website and ACP:
November 29, 2018
Consultation, Natural Resources, & Damage Assessment (CNRDA) WorkgroupCo-Chairs: Lindy Nelson (DOI) for Frank Csulak (NOAA) & Susan Lingenfelser (USFWS); Debbie Scholz (START Contractor)
Finalized and delivered Endangered Species Act (ESA) Matrix forNational Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS)trust resources to Sectors for incorporation into their Area Contingency Plans (ACPs)Re-establishment of theNatural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA)Joint Assessment Team (JAT) for the Mid-Atlantic – proposed by Simeon Hahn (NOAA)Consultation requirements for the RRT III Regional Contingency Plan (RCP) forPreauthorizations; discussion of the path forward and the development of the Biological Evaluation submission to the USFWS and National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS)
CNRDA) Workgroup (continued)
CNRDA WORKGROUP ACTION ITEMS:Presentation/adoption and distribution of final Draft ESA Matrix for USFWS trust resources for inland and coastal zone areas of Region III -Completed; posted to RRT3 Response Tools-Fact Sheets Website the Coastal ESA Matrix for NMFS & USFWS resources to show only the strategies for ease of comprehension; detailed matrix to remain as referenceDevelopment of ESA Matrix Fact Sheet; coordinate with Information Management & Outreach(IMO)WorkgroupDevelopmentofInformation for Planning and Consultation(IPaC)/Environmental Conservation OnlineSystem (ECOS)process Fact Sheets; coordinate with IMO WorkgroupDevelopment of Best Management Practices (BMPs) for response Fact Sheet – from USFWS New Jersey Field Office efforts; coordinate with IMO Workgroup
CNRDA) Workgroup (continued)
CNRDA WORKGROUP ACTION ITEMS:NRDA JAT – to be led by Simeon Hahn, NOAA:Identify federal and state agency and industry partners to join NRDA JATSend out invitation Letter to JATHost WebinarDetermine the need for Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)/Memorandumof Agreement (MOA) for the member agencies and organizationsConsultationof RRT III Planning Documents:Coordination with USFWS & NMFS on Biological Evaluation (BE) template for concurrence and approval going forwardBE to be developed in January - April 2019
CNRDA Workgroup(continued)
ON-GOING ACTION ITEMS:Development of draft Notification Letters for ESA / Critical Habitat Consultation – Informal and Formal ConsultationsNew NOAA NRDA Guidelines available for assessing exposure and impacts of oil spills on the following:Marine MammalsSea Turtles (ready soon)Recommend forming a new assessment team within CNRDA Workgroup to evaluate resources and tools for the RRT:Members should includePotentially Responsible Parties (PRPs),RRT members, Industry, contractors
CNRDA Workgroup (continued)
Proposed CNRDA Workgroup Activity Timeline:
Information Management & Outreach (IMO) WorkgroupCo-Chairs: Brian Moore (PADEP) & Maryann Toniazzo (GSA); Robin Dermigny (START Contractor)
Reviewed IMO Plan and made revisions during workgroup meeting:Was presented, approved, and signed at the Executive Committee by the RRT III Co-Chairs; IMO plan to be reviewed and updated every 5 yearsDiscussed “living documents” and provided a description in the IMP Plan; most RRT3 documents that are frequently updated will be considered “living documents”Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)requests for RRT III documents:Who owns the documents? The Region III RRT owns the documentsWho would need to approve the document? The RRT IIICo-ChairsMember Feedback to the Social Media Questionnaire;START Contractor will reorganize the feedback to allow evaluation by each question to improve analysis of the feedback:Will consolidate different agency protocols; workgroup members will provide Best Practices in an Appendix to the IMO PlanSTART has distributed State Agency Fact Sheet for review by state prior to May 2018 RRT3 Meeting
ACTION ITEMS:START to post signed IMO Plan to RRT III PLANS website to post Agency Fact Sheets to RRT III Response Tools-Fact Sheets to email list of guidance documents to IMO workgroup members including who owns the document, when it was created, updated, etc.START to reorganize Social Media Questionnaire response and email to IMO Workgroup; schedule webinar to discuss with IMO Workgroup membersRequest RRT3 Co-Chairs to continue to query NRT:If a document retention schedule is required; should there be a file plan (included in the IMO Plan) or does NRT have one?Would RRT3 workgroup products be subject toFor Official Use Only (FOUO) handling?All should be public underFOIA,minus contact information
IMO Workgroup (continued)
Proposed IMO Workgroup Activity Timeline:
IMO Workgroup (continued)
Regional Contingency Plan (RCP) Re-Write WorkgroupChair – Dave Ormes (USCG D5); Robin Dermigny (START Contractor)
RCP Re-Write Workgroup reviewed Final version of the RCP:RCP Approved and Signed by Executive CommitteeCo-ChairsRCP is a “Living Document” that will change as RRT3 guidance documents, MOUs, and MOAs are finalized or revisedSigned version of RCP uploaded to the RRT3 Regional Contingency Plan (RCP) website
RCP Re-Write Workgroup (continued)
RCP Re-write Workgroup ACTION ITEMS:START to incorporate TJ Mangoni’s (USCG D9) comments for the RCP regarding Joint, bi-national response between Regions 3 and 5 including coordination between regions.Biological Evaluation for preauthorized response strategiesinitial draft due May 1, 2019; will then be forwarded to the USFWS and NMFS for review and comment[Reserved Sections of RCP] – to be addressed includes:Updates to the Chemical Countermeasures MOU and includes Removal of theDepartment of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP)from the RCP but retain as reference on RRT III Website Resource TrusteesLowAmerican Petroleum Institute (API)Oil ResponsesVessel Decon Plan – Renee to review; look to ACPs for their plans
RCP Re-Write Workgroup (continued)
Spill Response Countermeasures (SRC) WorkgroupCo-Chairs - Billy Martin (EPA) & Dave Pugh (USCG); Debbie Scholz (START Contractor)
Finalized the “Region III Regional Response Team Guidance for the Decanting of Contact Water in Inland, Ocean, and Coastal Waters” -submitted to Executive Committee for signature and posting to the RRT III Response Tools-Fact Sheets WebsiteFinalized the“Region III Surface Washing Agents Preauthorization Test and Evaluation Protocol” -submitted to Executive Committee for signature and posting to the RRT III Response Tools-Fact Sheets WebsiteContinued working on the Region III“1997 MOU for Chemical Countermeasures”
SRC Workgroup (continued)
SRC Workgroup ACTION ITEMS:The Chemical Countermeasures MOU update will be revised and will focus on Chemical Countermeasures as a whole for incorporation into the Region III RCPThe MOU will be signed by the RRT III Co-Chairs and state agency representativesIndividual appendices forPreauthorizationsfor dispersants, on water ISB, and Solidifiers will be attached to the MOU but will be independently signed by RRT III Co-Chairs and representativesIndividual appendices for chemical countermeasure guidance documents will be attached to the MOU; signatures not requiredRegion III Chemical CountermeasurePreauthorizationsConsultation (Biological Evaluation) is underway and is scheduled for submission to USFWS & NMFS for Opinion in May 2019MOU will reference the ESA Matrices and tools by name and referenceSTART to conduct document review and finalization recommendationsDevelop information briefs/presentations on RRT III actions regarding the 1997 MOU – Requesting comments from the State MembersPresent status update to State Natural Resource Decision Makers – State OSCs, Sector OSC, D5 personnel, NOAA/DOI personnel
Proposed SRC Workgroup Activity Timeline:
SRC Workgroup (continued)
Critical topics remaining in queue:RRT3 In Situ Burning Preauthorization and Guidelines (inland, wetlands, and on water)RRT3 Bioremediation GuidelinesBooming strategies for tidal and inland areas with rail/water and pipeline/water nexus points –underway byInland Area Committee (IAC)Workgroup– to review concept documents
SRC Workgroup (continued)





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Region III Regional Response Team Meeting Plymouth …