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CCS Capacity Building in Botswana - World Bank

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CCS Activities Planned in Botswana
An OverviewOn behalf ofVaradanAtur, World Bank
Setting the Scene
Botswana’s remarkable growth is threatened by energy crisisBotswana’s energy policy is based on filling supply-demand gaps by ensuring reliable supply that is affordable, while gradually increasing energy access and reducing the carbon footprint of energy supplyThe immediate challenge is to replace power supply from RSA by 2013 when supplies cease from EskomEnergy supply options include coal, solar and prospective CBMFirst objective is to add 600 MW coal-fired power atMoropuleby 2012 (World Bank-supportedMoropuleB project)
Setting the Scene
Second objective is a Low Carbon strategy to fast tracklow carbon supply (CBM, CPS) and mitigation technology (CCS) through feasibility studies and securing finances for piloting and developmentThird objective is to improve the governance framework and institutional capacity for these new technologiesBotswana has the potential to be a part of a regional CO2 sinkUncertainties, lack of awareness and perceived risks of CCS have hampered consensus on moving to the piloting phaseThe CCS Capacity Building project aims to overcome these hurdles
The CCSActivites
Objective is to createinformed consensus with regards to taking the next step (piloting phase) towards implementing CCS as part of a Low Carbon futureThis will be achieved through:Engaging stakeholders, identifying concerns and information gaps, disseminating information to address concerns and systematically removing information uncertainties(capacity building component)Collecting data to support this effort, including suitability of capture technology, cost implications, environmental impact, possible storage sites and storage potential (Atlas), necessary regulatory and institutional reforms, carbon and power price implications(data compilation component)
The Stakeholders
The Action Plan (1)
Establish Government ownershipGovernment CCS Focal Point appointedActivate disbursement arrangements from CCS Trust FundSet Up SecretariatSelect staff as well as organizational (MMEWR) and physical location of SecretariatHire CCS Advisor to support for the duration of the projectSet Up CCS Working GroupPrepare CCS Working group CharterIdentify and invite members of CCS Working Group (will initially focus on government and industry stakeholders and thereafter broaden to add civil society and other government agencies)Prepare Business Plan for year 1Organize kick-off meeting to agree Charter and Business Plan
The Action Plan (2)
Execute Data Compilation ComponentPrepare TOR’s to address identified information gapsSelect Consultants (per agreed procurement process)Compile a CCS Storage Atlas, identifying sites and horizons suitable for geological CO2 storage or enhanced coal bed methane recovery*Analyze global experience with CCS pilot projectsAssess suitability and costs of carbon capture technologies in the Botswana contextCarry out a Strategic Environmental Assessment**Address additional information gaps identified in the Working Group*** This work will be carried out in association with a CBM Advisor to be appointed and the development of a Coal Roadmap** Some activity may be financed under the ongoingMorupuleLoan if there are no adequate funds under the CCS TF
The Action Plan (3)
Execute Capacity Building ComponentCCS Working Group will proceed in gradual / concurrent steps:Identify stakeholders and their principal concernsIdentify information gaps to address stakeholders concernsUndertake periodic stakeholder consultation to disseminate information and address their concernsSystematically remove information uncertainties ahead of government decision related to CCS pilotingCCS SecretariatProvide administrative and logistic support to CCS Working GroupPlan and implement workshops and other information sharing activityManage data compilation activityPrepare and administer the Business PlanBe the knowledge platform on CCS in Botswana* and liaise with public and private sector stakeholders in Botswana and the Region* sustained functioning of the Secretariat will be examined
The Action Plan (4)
Provide Training to raise awareness and enhance capacity to oversee CCS projectsSelect (at least five) individuals from the Department of Geological Survey of MMEWR to be trainedProvide introductory training in July-August 2011 on Overview of CCS Aspects and Global CCS activitiesDefine training topics and schedules during the course of the project in association with the Working Group and the SecretariatDevelop Thematic Workshops to exchange views on concerns, disseminate information and promote consensusOrganize a workshop in Aug-Sep 2011 * on connectivity between CBM and CCS and shared-use public-private partnershipsDefine dates and topics for other workshops during the course of the project in association with the Working Group and the Secretariat* in association with the Southern Africa Regional CCS Project implemented by the Energy Anchor of the WB
Our Thanks to MMEWR, BPC and CCS TFAnd to you ALL !World Bank Energy Team





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CCS Capacity Building in Botswana - World Bank