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Shakespearean Characters -

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Shakespearean Characters
How to bring them alive!
What is characterization?
Characterization is the process by which the writer reveals the personality of acharacter.
What is our job as an actor?
We reveal our character throughdirectcharacterization andindirectcharacterization.
Direct Characterization
When the authortellsthe audience what the personality of the characteris.
Indirect Characterization
Showsthings that reveal the personality of acharacter in one of these ways:
Whatdoes the character say?Howdoes the character speak?
Whatis revealed through thecharacter’s private thoughts and feelings?
Effect on others toward the character
What is revealed through the character’s effect on other people?Howdo other characters feel or behave in reaction to the character?
What does the character do?Howdoes the character behave?
What does the character look like?Howdoes the character dress?
It’s SHOW and TELL!
You can TELL what the character is like (your worksheet assignment)You can SHOW how the character is (the acting exercise we’re doing next week)
Shakespeare Show and Tell!Part 1: The CharacterizationGuide(an example of Alice inYou Can’t Take It With You)
Shakespeare Show and Tell!Part 2: The Characterization Performance
Write up a 30-second narration based on the explorations discovered in the Guide.Type this up and print it out.Create a costume for your characterPrepare a 30-second “slice of life” presentation of your character doing something everyday or something inspired by the storyline of the play.Be prepared to perform in costume while the narration is read.
Now it’s YOUR turn!





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Shakespearean Characters -