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Veterans Choice Program
Details on the Unusual or Excessive Burden Eligiblity Criteria
Veterans who are enrolled in the VA health care systemandlive less than 40 miles drivingdistance fromthe nearest facility may be eligible for the Veterans Choice Program. If they have difficulty reaching the closest VA medical facility for any of a number of reasons, listed below, they could qualify under theunusual or excessive burden eligibility determination.
If you think you may be eligible for the Veterans Choice Program based on one of the reasons listed above, please contact your local VA medical facility. A staff member will work with you to determine eligibility. If you are determined eligible, staff will provide you with information about making an appointment for care throughtheprogram.
To learn more about the Veterans Choice Program
Outpatient physical therapyCertain IV (parenteral infusions)Upper and/or lower extremity joint or soft tissue (trigger point) injectionsOptometry care such as a glaucoma screening or a diabetic retinal examHearingevaluationshotsAllergy
Vision problemsLimited mobilityReduced focusormentalsharpness
Roads blocked by military bases or other restricted areasRoad closures due to constructionRoads that are particularly dangerous during winter
Crossing a mountain rangeNavigating across a wide lake





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