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Understanding and measuring the impact achieved by VCS ...

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Q1Bondis most useful when it positions itself close to those with power, such as the UK government, multilaterals or big corporate businesses, for the benefit of its members
Q2Bond'smembership is diverse - over 450 members represent a large share of UK NGO resources for development. Bond should increase its membership, accommodating actors who are not NGOs, to increase diversity, legitimacy, and connections
Q3Bondneeds to invest more of its time and resources in building stronger international alliances for development between civil society actors (particularly North - South), even though this means less investment in current priorities
Q4Bondmust speak and act in the interests of effective development, even if this means criticising its members, partners, and donors
Magic WandBondshould play a role in helping the sector adapt to a changing externalcontextBond should work to ensure that NGOs are adequately and appropriately funded to deliver againstobjectivesBond should have an advocacyrole
Influence the policies of governments and institutions in the UK andabroadPromotean operating environment for civil society that enables effectivedevelopmentBuildconnections and networks among members, and with externalactorsHelp organisations to adapt to the changing developmentenvironmentProvide services and support to improve organisational and sectoreffectivenessCampaign on key issues for NGOs and the people theyserveWork to align funding policies and practices with effective development





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Understanding and measuring the impact achieved by VCS ...