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Consider the following topics:Words and Propaganda, Thievery, Humanity and Dehumanization, Cowardice and Bravery, Abandonment and Survivor's Guilt, and ColorsSelect the topic you believe is most intriguing, in terms ofThe Book Thiefand explain why
Please Consider the Major Topics in Front of You
Next week, we will be participating in student-led discussions about the novelAlthough these discussions are student-led, each student leader must:pick a topic and subtopic of focus from the following listgenerate 3 thought-provoking questions about that topic/subtopic in order to generate group discussionHave three quotes/passages on hand to reference as the conversation goesYou may work with a partner if you choose
Assignment: Select one of the subtopics as your focus and develop three thought-provoking questions tied to three pieces of textual evidence about this subtopic. You will be facilitating an in-class discussion on your subtopic next week.
Rubric:/5 My three questions are original (not taken from the back of the book or the online) thought-provoking, logical, and relevant/5 My three pieces of evidence are relevant to my questions, and strengthen the conversation/5 I kept the discussion moving along, focusing on my subtopic and questions, was the obvious student leader of this discussion, and facilitated open conversation rather than conversation exclusive to my friends in the class/5 I came to class prepared, my slide is neat and well-organized (includes name of topic and subtopic, three questions, and three pieces of evidence)/5 While others present, I am quiet and attentive to their presentations and the conversations that follow. I participate and weigh in on at least three other peoples’ questions in an informed and respectful way.Total:/25
Topic:Words and Propaganda
Subtopics:Max’s relationship with wordsLiesel’s relationship with wordsIlsa’srelationship with Liesel through words
Subtopics:Rudy’s ThieveryLiesel’s ThieveryThe Thieving groups (Arthur vs. Viktor)
Topic:Humanity and Dehumanization
Subtopics:Max’s DehumanizationMax’s Humanity (how he gets it back living with theHubermanns)Han’s DehumanizationDeath’s Humanity
Topic:Cowardice and Bravery
Subtopics:Liesel’s braveryHans’s braveryRudy’s bravery
Topic:Abandonment and Survivor's Guilt
Subtopics:Liesel’s survivor’s guiltMax’s survivor guiltIlsa’ssurvivor guiltFrauHotlzapfeland MichaelHoltzapfel’ssurvivorgulitHans’s survivor guilt
Subtopics:Symbolic value of white skiesSymbolic value of red skiesSymbolic value of black skies
Film Mini-Project
I do require you to film your monologueI would like you downloadGoogleDrivein order to share it with me, once it is filmedYour written monologue is due by 11:59 on ThursdayI expect you to be practicing your monologue in class tomorrow, or else continuing to work on developing your discussion question and evidence for next week
Use the rest of class to plan for your discussion portion next week
Finish the book by tomorrow for your final sticky-note check





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