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UFEM Update -

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IBM & Trend’s business relationship is changing…Core Protection Module (CPM)BigFix’sAntivirus Solution: basic AV, no new functionality from TrendEOM: December 2016EOS: December 20171:1 License ConversionCPM :OfficeScanEndpoint ProtectionMigrationTargeted end of year completion; likely February
IBM & Trend Micro
BigFix Protection vs. Trend Micro OfficeScan
Technical Review and Architecture/Migration assistance from IBM/TrendUFEM Governance CommitteeReviewOfficeScancapabilities (functional/technical) and assist in defining move forward prioritiesTest environment implementation and UFIT guinea pigging; followed by production environment rollout and UFIT first-inRefine customeronboarding process, including training/knowledge transferManaged migration of currentdept/college using CPM toOfficeScanGeneral Availability and rollout to campusQuestions?
Next Steps…
Goals:Provide units with a low-maintenance,BigFix-based patching systemReduce the number of actions and baselines in the system through shared useFlexibility – Give units as much control as possible
Used by units to control all aspects of patchingFill out Excel file templateSave as text fileImport intoBigFixConsole
Designate if a computer is opted in or out1denotes the device isin0denotes the device isout
Designate if a computer has a maintenance window or notIf yes, specify details of maintenance window





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UFEM Update -