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Emerging Supply Chains in the Food System_ What Role Will ...

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Aligning Learner Outcomes for the ABM and EEP Majors withApplied Economics Course Content
Robert P. KingDepartment of Applied EconomicsApril 14, 2017

OSU places considerable emphasis on learner outcomes.Baccalaureate CoreMajors – annual learning outcomes assessmentsIndividual Course ProposalsHow appropriate are stated learner outcomes for the ABM and EEP majors?How well do required and elective course offerings help students achieve stated outcomes?
Learner Outcomes for the Majors:Agricultural Business Management
Explainmicroeconomic theory at the intermediatelevel ….Explain macroeconomic theory at the principleslevel …Perform basic algebra and introductory calculus operations in the context of applied economic analysis and optimization.Analyze and evaluate agribusiness problems and management decisions employing commonly used business software…Utilize and apply regression and other statistical methods to analyze commodity markets and economic data.Formulate marketing plans and strategies for both generic commodities and specialized products.Clearly communicate the analysis and planning of agribusiness decision making in both oral and writtenform …Explain how external forces such as law, environmental regulation and government policies impact agribusiness decision making.
Learner Outcomes for the Majors:Environmental Economics and Policy
Explainmicroeconomic theory at the intermediatelevel ….Explain macroeconomic theory at the principleslevel …Analyze natural resource and environmental management issues … by applying economic theory and tools …Perform basic algebra and introductory calculus operations in the context of applied economicanalysis.Applystatistics and regression techniques to economic data and models and evaluate results.Demonstrate computer skills needed to analyze economic issues and communicate results of the analysis.Communicate the process and results of economic analysis of environmental and natural resource issues through a variety of oral and written methods.Explain the legal system in the United States, particularly as it applies to environmental issues and natural resourceuse.Explain the linkages between local and global environmental and natural resource issues and policy.
Learner Outcomes for Other Majors at OSU
EconomicsPresent economic theory and applications in written and oral form.Demonstrate an understanding of microeconomic and macroeconomic theory.Apply economic theory to issues in fields of economics.Explain basic estimators and their properties, estimate economic models using data, test hypotheses, forecast, and interpret estimate.
Learner Outcomes for Other Majors at OSU
Political ScienceUtilize methods and approaches appropriate for accumulating and interpreting information applicable to the discipline of political science.Conceptualize problems and apply tools to critically analyze and resolve political arguments, information, and theories.Communicate effectively and defend in written and oral format normative and empirical argument.
Learner Outcomes for Other Majors at OSU
Fisheries and Wildlife SciencesConservation and management competencies …Mathematical skills …Observation andperception skills …Communication skills …Leadership and team building skills …Critical thinking skills …
Learner Outcomes for Other Majors at OSU
Business MajorsBeableto identify and analyze business problems and opportunities and formulaterecommendationsfor courses of action.Communicate effectively and professionally…Demonstrate awareness of economic, environmental, political, ethical, legal and regulatorycontexts …Appreciatethe benefits of experiential learning…Work effectively, respectfully, ethically and professionally with people of diverse ethnic, cultural,genderand…Recognize entrepreneurial opportunities…Lead by using team building skills and…Use quantitative and qualitative tools and methodologies to support organizational decisionmaking.
Learner Outcomes for Other Majors at OSU
Business Majors (cont.)Assesshow organizations create value…Describe the concept of competitive advantage…Analyze the information content of organizational processes and use information technology toenhance individualproductivity.Define markets and apply marketing concepts and principles…Recognize and appropriately respond to ethical, legal and strategic concerns…Apply accounting concepts and methods to interpret financial statements…Interpret and analyze accountinginformationfor internal control, planning, performanceevaluation, and coordination…
Learner Outcomes for Other Majors at OSU
Business Majors (cont.)Makebasic investment and financing decisions for a business using financial managementconcepts, and methods.Recognize problems and opportunities unique to family businesses including governance, familydynamics, succession and continuity.
Learner Outcomes for Other Majors at OSU
Agricultural SciencesUnderstanding of major agricultural themes and issues, domestically and worldwideAnalyze the effectiveness of agricultural practices, sustainability issues and global agricultural movements and trends.Understanding of the effect of broad social, economic, and environmental forces upon the agricultural industry.Leadership and communication skills in agricultural communities throughout the U.S. and beyond.
Learner Outcomes for Majors at Other Universities
Colorado State – Agricultural BusinessandEnvironmentalandNaturalResource EconomicsTechnicalcompetency including appropriate use of economic theory in formulating analytical problems, identifying and gathering appropriate data, and employing appropriate economic methods to analyze those problems, utilizing appropriate available computer technologyAbilityto solve real-world problems beyond the pedagogical context. Students will be able to identify a problem and its scope, evaluate resources to address the problem, formulate alternative solutions, and select the solution(s) most consistent with a stated objectiveProficiencyin oral and written communication including the ability to communicate critically and analytically at a professional level
Learner Outcomes for the Majors in Applied Economics
Are they too detailed?Do they adequately communicate what you are trying to accomplish:to colleagues across the University?to prospective and current students?to employers?Are they the basis for a strategy that will make it possible for you to grow your majors?Is there a shared understanding among faculty about what each outcome “means” in practice?
How Well Do Courses Support Achievement of Learner Outcomes?
Course requirements for each major clearly reflect learner outcomes … but students may not see how specific course objectives relate to learner outcomes for their major.Over the course of students’ programs, we expect their understanding and skills to build.How does mastery of microeconomic theory differ for students in applied economics and students in economics?Math and data “literacy” are perceived as a problem by both students and faculty.
Assessing Achievement of Learner Outcomes
OSU requires annual assessment of learner outcome achievement for each major.The focus of assessment shifts across learner outcomes on a rotating basis.Direct assessment – i.e., assessment based on specific learning activities rather than on overall course grades – is strongly preferred.Such assessments are a great starting point for discussion of learning outcomes and coordination across courses.





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Emerging Supply Chains in the Food System_ What Role Will ...