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Treat Autism with TCM -

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Treat Autism with TCM
ZhenzhenZhangLic. Acupuncturist/Herbalist
TCM Diagnosis
Kidney Deficiency (Prenatal Defect)variety of developmental delays or unbalanced developmentHeartshen/spirit disturbancesSpeech problems, delay or lack of talking, sleep problemDelayed social skillsLiverQi-body energy flow disharmonizedAnger,uncontrollablebadtemperOver activeStomach/Spleen dysfunctiondigestive problems
In-Office TreatmentAcupuncturepointsand meridians stimulationMethods:Quick needling, magnet suction cups, glass cups,TuinamassageFrequency:twice per week,10-30minutesTuina5-10 times per meridiansHomeCareTuinaeach meridians once per day, 20-30minutes
TCM Medicinal Food
Balancing Diet Consultation:Medicinal food and herbsIndividualized formula
TCM Diet for Autism
Recommended food:Dark/ black food: to nourishingKdessence, the brain marrowMushroom, black sesame, black beans, black dates, black rice, black woodear (blackedible tree fungus),black burry.Nourishing brain/nerve foods:Nuts (e.g. walnuts)Lecithin(e.g. egg,soybean),VitaminB1 (e.g.liver, beans, brown rice,oat)Omegar-3 (e.g. tuna,eel, sardines,salmon,cod)Vegetables:organicExclusion:food additives, preservatives and dyes.
A 4-year oldgirl, dx Autism when 2 ½years oldSignsand symptoms:hurt otherkids (pushandbite),nointerest in playingwith other kids. Oftencry forlong time, noclose relationshiptoparents orrelatives . Lack ofeye contact. Dislike to talk. Hard to calm down,can’t evenfinish a meal. Take 2 hours tofall asleep, wakeup middle of the nightand can’tgo backto sleep again.TCMDx:kddeficiency—kdessence deficiency –brain marrow lack of nourish;heart can’t get nourish from prenatalkdessence-- heart predominate spirit, speech, emotion and sleep;Heart and kidney meridian all reach to tongue to sent essence to power speech
ACase Study(continued)
TCMTx: nourishkdessence and heart bloodacupuncture: needling and magnet cuppingTuinamassage3x/week, 15-20nimutes/each sectionParent massage (teach her mother) same points andmeridians,20-30minutes, once per day.Diet suggestion:Dark food- black sesame, mushroom, walnuts, rich food with Lecithin (egg, soybean….), Vitamin B1( liver, beans, brown rice, oat...),Omegar-3(tuna, eel, sardines, salmon, cod..) .Vegetables : organicHerbal drink( no bitter herbs): rose, mint,gojiberry, ass hide gelatin(ejiao)Less sugary food, nopreservativesResult: after 6 months, the girlwas ableto sit down tohave ameal, sleep improved a lot, easyto fall asleepandstay asleep. Eye contactwas much better. Listen to parents talk. Oneyearlater (beforethey move back to Japan)graduallytalkedmore,was ableto sit down andlisten to storiesfor 5 more minutes andlikedto read picture books whichshe was neverable to doit before.
Anyonewith autism couldbenefit from acupunctureand herbal medicine. We will work withtheparents closely, offercomplete,individualizedChinese medicine approach: acupuncture, massage, herbal medicine and diet consultation.Cases with higher success rate:Younger ageWithout complicationParents corporateMulti-therapiesBalanced dietLong term battleLess likely to succeed:Severe cases with complicationsBusy parents





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Treat Autism with TCM -